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Warm Up

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 13 February 2018

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Transcript of Warm Up

Warm Up
Put who/whom into the sentences.
Let's check homework
Now, let's do some indefinite pronoun review
Quiz time!
Now, let's talk about tone and style in "Black Boy"

Tone is how the author or speaker feels about a character or situation in a text. You can determine the tone by the words that the characters say or what happens to the character. An author's tone can be optimistic, pessimistic, hopeless, frustrated, indifferent, agitated, desperate, content, and more. It's all about how the author feels.
Style: Style is the way the author writes. It's the
-words chosen (words might be silly, dark, nonsense, etc)
-the length and complexity of the sentences
-whether or figurative language is used or the author is saying EXACTLY what it meant,
- whether or not imagery is used.
-whether language is formal or informal
Let's study some examples.
Pronoun/verb review ws
Pronoun/verb test Thursday
ch 11 vocab due Friday, quiz Tuesday
Students on Strike ch 1-5 questions due tomorrow
finish tone and style sections for "Black Boy"
Now, we are going to analyze Richard Wright's style in "Black Boy"
There is the man (who/whom) I met yesterday.
You, (who/whom) I lent money to, didn't pay me back.
Bob, for (who/whom) I have great respect, is here.
She, (who/whom) loves reading, has no books.
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