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sherwin flores

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Huitzilopochtli

What did the Aztecs believe were the god's responsibilities
Huitzilopochtli was responsible to fend off evil for the Aztecs. This evil was the Lord of the Night Sky, Tezcatlipoca. The other responsibilities of Huitzilopochtli were to guarantee the victory of the Aztec people in war and to keep working to keep sun from dying in the cycle of 52 years. Huitzilopochtli was solely the motivation to have the Aztecs keep on growing a great and powerful empire. Being the son of the creator and organizer of the world, he was responsible for big things, Huitzilopochtli was the creator of earth and so he was responsible for it and was responsible for the humans on earth since he could only live if he was given blood of a human.
What did they believe were their responsibilities to the god? Why?
In return of all of the things that Huitziopchtli was responsible for, the Aztecs were responsible for the survival of the god. Huitzilopochtli needed blood to live and so keeping him alive was the responsibility of the Aztecs. They were also responsible for keeping the cycle of the sun going otherwise everything would be destroyed. They would never miss the important ceremony of "New Fire". Sacrifice was crucial within the society when doing things for gods. Ceremonies were also important in that missing one would mean the end of the world to them. Sacrificing to them was their biggest hounor to the gods. Because the Aztecs were so hounorable to Huitzilopochtli, warriors were able to join him.
What impact did fulfilling these responsibilities have on the Aztec's relationship with other peoples?
Other peoples that interacted with the Aztecs either thought of their gods as an evil entity or traded with them. One of the groups that interacted with them, the Spanish, were welcomed to Tenochtitlan but when they were shown the Aztec gods, their view of Aztec culture changed as they saw sacrificing as an evil doing opposing God. Relationships with other peoples were either going into war with them or acting as partners to support one another. Unfortunately, the Spaniards demolished the Aztec people and in doing so, almost wiped out the entire Aztec population. The Aztec's intention was to conquer and rule other lands because it was what the gods told them to do and what they should do. Mostly these interactions with other peoples would end up with at least one of the groups suffering. Good relationships would end up with the Aztecs gaining useful resources.
What role did the Aztecs belive Huitzilopochtli played in finding a new home for them
Huitzilopochtli played the role of finding a home for the Aztecs. The Aztecs were ordered by Huitzilopochtli to abandon their old land of Aztlan and find new land. The god told them to find an eagle perching on a cactus where they would built a city. This new city was to be great and was to be built over Huitzilopochtli's son, Copil. Within this process, Huitzilopochtli gave the name Aztecs to the people. Huitzilopochtli also was the one god who created earth and the humans.
In what ways did their relationship with Huitzilopochtli influence their art, literature, and architecture?
The way the Aztecs showed their relationship with their god is within daily life and media within the Aztec society. Literature such as poetry were created to express their praise to the gods and to celebrate the natural beauty of the world. They would also sing these poems, many of their poems would be didactic which means that it was intended to have people learn about different things depending on what the poem was about. Sculptures such as the Aztec stone calendar of Tonatiuh. Art in the Aztec society was highly dedicated to representing gods, in this case Huitzilopochtli was sculptured and would be made out of wood. Art would depict the god's qualities and its different responsibilities in the world. Buildings such as the Great Temple was built in the middle of Tenochtitlan to get the Aztec people closer to the gods. This Temple is where they believed the physical and spiritual worlds met.
Created by: Sherwin
1 A-C including roman numerals 1 ,2, 3, 4, 5
Why are the Aztecs called "The People of the Sun"
The Aztecs were called the people of the sun because they were always doing things for the sun. Some of their gods represent the sun and they believed that the gods were the ones who created the sun. The fact that the sun rose in the morning is a great deal to the Aztec people since they worship their gods through sacrifice and hard work. The Aztec's main god was Huitzilopochtli and he was the sun god that represented war and sacrifice. The Aztecs would do ritual races, processions, dances, songs, prayers, and finally human sacrifices. They are the people of the sun because they believe that they cannot live without the sun and because the sun is the most important thing to them other than the gods themselves.
Generalization about the role of beliefs and experience in shaping identity
Many things create the identity of the Aztecs, some of them are the beliefs and experiences of the people. What they believed in was what has shaped them and how they were viewed in other cultures. Because they sacrifice, the christians of Spain labeled them as savages and labeled their gods as evil and untrue gods. Because they believed that Huitzilopochtli is their savior and that they too shall become warriors and conquer made them invade neighboring lands. The things that the Aztecs believed in gave them a purpose to be living and a purpose to die as well. What the Aztecs have experienced made them who they are as well, they wandered and tried to look for and eagle on a cactus for over 150 years, they became a thriving empire for over 200 years, and they were the people who sere attacked by the Spaniards. That is the experience that the Aztecs have gone through and it shows that they are willing to do anything to obey and hounor their gods.
Geography that affected the roles of the Aztecs
2 part A
Geography in Tenochtitlan had lots of water and the key to success being a farmer would be building chinampa or "floating islands" water would be abundant so crops could grow well and they could access the crops through sailing in between the plots of land. Some of these crops were, maize, beans, and squash.
Since Tenochtitlan was so high, it is physically impossible to plant and grow specific crops at the high elevation, despite this, the Aztecs already have a lot up there. They began to trade with other peoples to obtain these other specific resources they could not grow at their elevation, some of the resources are, papayas and the feathers of the tropical birds.
Children were compulsory to the military service from the moment they are born and are given a bow and shield in their hands, their umbilical cords were buried in the battlefield. The geography in this is the gods that are connected to warriors and how the gods will guide the warriors to success and growth in the Aztec society. The battlefield is important to the warriors since that is where they train and raise through the ranks in the army.
Roles in Canada that involve geography
2 part B
Climatologists are people who study weather patterns and the forces that cause them. This job is confused sometimes with meteorologists who study short term patterns but climatologists study long term, a year full of pattern data and are people who are depended on to give the accurate information and preserving the world's ecosystems. This job is one of geography's important branches in climate because it determines long term weather that we can prepare for. Geography has a huge impact on this job since literally, the thing that a climatologist studies is geography, geography about climate.
Urban Planner/Community Development
An urban planner is a person who ties in withe urban or city planning in which they work on zoning, land usage, and new developments within the area selected to plan in. An urban planner is part of the geography called urban geography. The influence of geography on this job is that fact that geography gives the person the job and that the job itself is geography; the arrangement and development of human life on earth. This job is affected by fact that arrangement and development is sometimes vital to keep human life strong.
A cartographer is a person that is involved with developing and producing maps. These maps contain complex information in different methods that show data. A cartographer would also develop maps for scientific, technological, and artistic purposes. This kind of geography is called cartography in which it can be said that any kind of geography can be mapped. The way geography affects this job is by the development of creating a display of information about geography. There is no way mapping would exist without geography existing first.
My opinion about if the geography would have a greater impact on Aztec society or on contemporary Canadian society
2 part C
I think that it would have a greater influence on present day Canadian society because there are more developments and more physical things that we know about that we can use to learn. More things are available to us than the Aztecs ever had. It is true that the Aztecs have built a strong and amazing empire however, things now are much more advanced and almost every factor on earth matters as of now. From global warming to war and economy, geography now is much stronger than it was back then. We use up everything that the earth provided us, minerals, physical landscape, and much more. It is clear that we as of now are growing and evolving as a developing species on earth that has the power over almost everything.
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