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Week 3

No description

Nuwani Mampitiya

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Week 3

Week 3
Step 1: Predict – I predict that this is about staying safe on planes.

Step 2: Clarify Vocab –
Authorities: Right to command people or things.
Redirected: Sending someone somewhere
Step 3: Summarise - This clip was about

Step 4: Question - After watching the video, prepare 1 question from the news report for a friend to answer.

MND Awareness
Week 5
Step 1: Predict –I predict that this BTN clip is about asylum seekers..
Step 2: Clarify Vocab –
Asylum: Protection and shelter
Immigrate: come and settle in a country
Step 3: Summarise - In this BTN clip they talk about two boys who were taken away from their school in Adelaide and put into a detention center in Darwin. Their class mates are doing all they c an to get them back.
Step 4: Question - What does asylum mean?

Week 6
Step 1: Predict- i predict that this is about life on Christmas Island

Step 2: Clarify Vocab –
Coverage: media attention
Isolated: remote or lonely
Step 3: Summarise - This clip is about what life is really like on Christmas island. It talks about how there are many different cultures. Christmas island has many fun activities to do. they are a very diverse island.

Step 4: Question - what does isolated mean?

By Nuwani :)
Nuwani''s BTN Term 3
Step 1: Predict- I predict that this is about a disease and the ice bucket challenge.
Step 2: Clarify Vocab-
Neurone- Nerve cell
Disease- Medical condition
Step 3: Summarise - This BTN clip/video is about a medical condition called the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) which is when the cells in your body start to die out. It can paralyse people and people can even die from it. The ice bucket challenge is to raise money for the MND awareness. So far the ice bucket challenge has raised millions of dollars.
Step 4: Question - What part of the body does the motor neutrone disease effect?
Answer- Your cells.

Overcoming genes
Step 1: Predict – i predict that this is about genes.
Step 2: Clarify Vocab –
mutation: A change in your genes
diagnose: identifying and illness/sickness someone has
Step 3: Summarise - This BTN video/clip is about a kid named Harrison Wheatley who has a rare medical condition. This medical condition effects his spine. Harrison's brother has a small part of this disease as well but their sister has none of the disease. They explained that everyone has mutations in their body but only some people, like Harrison and his brother, have them in important places.
Step 4: Question -
Does everyone have mutations in their body?
What is a mutation?

Anti Poverty Week
Step 1: Predict – i predicted that this video would be about poverty and people who can't afford to eat.
Step 2: Clarify Vocab –
marginalize- prevent something from having the attention
disadvantage- bad quality
Step 3: Summarize - This BTN clip was about a company that make food for people who can't afford it. They do this for free and don't get paid any profit.

Step 4: Question - After watching the video, prepare 1 question from the news report for a friend to answer.
Do the workers get paid for making food for the poor people?

Fire Fighting Kids
Prediction: i predict that this is about kids that joined the fire fighting commity

Clarify Vocab:
approach- move closer to someone or something
cadet- trainee

Summary: This BTN clip was about kids that volenteer to join the CFS, which stands for the country fire service. They train to be fire fighters. The kids can start to put out real life fire situations when they turn 16.

Question: Can the kids go to a real life fire situation to help out?
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