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Clay Walden

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Mennonite

Mennonite Presentation Origin A specific Reformed Anabaptist
*Remember Anabaptist Figure head would have to be Meno Simmons *Catholic-Anabaptist Renegade Where *Was a second Mennonite Revivial so to speak and they came spread to Russia 18th Century Mennonite moved to America From Switzerland and Germany to Pennsylvania (Russians Mennonite whent to Canada but who cares) Schleitheim/Dordrecht Confession Schleitheim Confession (Anabaptist, 1527)

The Seven Articles
1. Notice concerning baptism.
2. We have been united as follows concerning the ban.
3. Concerning the breaking of bread...
4. We have been united concerning the separation... which the devil has planted in this world...5. We have been united as follows concerning shepherds in the church of God.
6. We have been united as follows concerning the sword.
7. We have been united as follows concerning the oath.

The Cover LetterCongregational Order
1. The brothers and sisters shall meet at least three or four times a week.
2. They shall take up something to read and the one to whom God has given the best understanding shall explain it.
3. Let none be frivolous in the house of God.
4. When a brother sees his brother erring, he shall warn him according to the command of Christ.
5. None shall have anything of his own, but as the Christians in the time of the apostles held all things common...
6. All gluttony shall be avoided among the brothers who are gathered in the congregation.
7. The Lord's supper shall be held, as often as the brothers are together. http://www.gameo.org/encyclopedia/contents/S345.html#ART2 Message from MennoniteUSA Evangelical? Congregational Believer Baptism Peace Driven Christian Bible/Jesus/Trinity Little or No central authority which leads to variety Kinda take like that sermon on the mount stuff
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