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Lakes International Language Academy Intro

An overview for parents considering LILA for their child

Shannon Peterson

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Lakes International Language Academy Intro

A tuition-free language immersion school
Located in Forest Lake, MN
Established in 2004
Awarded International Baccalaureate authorization in 2009

Ni Hao!
Develop a greater ability to analyze/solve problems
Understand more quickly than they speak
Typical immersion students:
Have enriched language experiences
Learn third languages more easily
Are better listeners.
Score well on standardized tests by grade 5
Children become bilingual and biliterate
...through their regular school day.
Curriculum framework
International outlook
Second language
The whole child
What's different in an IB School?
IB Unit of Inquiry
Who are we?
Most from the US, all have permission to live and teach in MN
Have lived in another country
Fluent in target language and English
Amazing energy
School Director
Board of Directors
Language Ambassadors
Offering a world-class IB education
Serve two-year terms
Set policy
Sign contracts
Ensure adherence to vision and mission
Hire and evaluate the school director
Elected parents and teachers
LILA Foundation
Parent and teacher volunteers
Two goals:
build community
raise funds for annual needs of school, including
playground maintenance,
classroom funds, and
language ambassador program
Parent volunteers
Goal: long term financial viability of the school
Meet monthly
Meet bi-monthly
Busing determines school hours: 7:50 - 2:10
Child Care
Summer Immersion Camp
More Art
More Science
Track & Field
Chess Club
Ski Club
KarateScoutsVolleyballBasketballHistory Day
Enrollment lottery
Waiting list
Can my child get into kindergarten this fall?
Can my child get into kindergarten in a future year?
Can my child switch languages in first or second grade?
If my child doesn't get in in kindergarten, then what?
Other questions?
2004: Spanish immersion
2006: Mandarin (traditional)
2011: Mandarin immersion
2015: Fast-track Spanish, Mandarin,
& French for Upper School

French - 2015!
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