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Diversity Management in the Hotel Industry

No description

Samia Al Tall

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Diversity Management in the Hotel Industry

Diversity Management in the Hotel Industry
Organizations need to expand to remain competitive.

Accommodating differences in the workforce is essential.

The hotel industry is largely affected by this globalization .
Why Diversity Management?
Organizations have become more diverse.

The concept of diversity management has been hailed as an effective managerial response to the challenges

A competitive market stronghold
Surveys and Interviews
We conducted 59 surveys in 3 hotels:
Four Points by Sheraton
Raouche Arjan by Rotana
Holiday Inn Dunes

We interviewed the HR managers in the above hotels, in addition to the Four Season’s HR manager.

Diversity is in terms of religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and geographic location

However, when it comes to nationality, disability, ethnicity, and race we see that it is scarce across hotels

All employees are Lebanese

All hotels surveyed and interviewed illustrate that they embrace and celebrate diversity and it is an essential part of their work environment

However, in reality the extent to which they celebrate diversity is limited by Lebanese Labor Law as well as the costs associated with higher levels of diversity

Policies are similar across hotels
Al Dweik, Abdalla
Al Tall, Samia
Khalil, Samer
Makki, Rana

The vast majority of employees surveyed across the different hotels had a tendency to agree or strongly agree with the questions asked

Rarely did an employee disagree on a given question

Thus, this could be a bias towards portraying a good image about their hotel and it is difficult to draw conclusions from.

Managing diversity in the hotel industry allows hotels to achieve higher levels of synergy and understanding of different cultures
This is beneficial as it helps employees to better understand different customer needs and serve them better
By managing diversity, a hotel would eventually be aiming at improving its performance and thus it should be part of its overall corporate strategy

Awareness programs about diversity.
Diversity training supported and initiated by top management
Exchange programs to increase diversity exposure and appreciation
Recruiting disabled employees, and having special programs directed towards disabled individuals
Recruiting employees from different backgrounds and nationalities
Top-down Diversity Programs supported by top management

Diversity based on Gender

Diversity based on Gender

Diversity based on Religion, Disability, and Age

Diversity based on Religion, Disability, and Age

Diversity based on Gender

Diversity based on Religion, Disability, and Age

Diversity based on Religion, Disability, and Age

Diversity based on Religion, Disability, and Age
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