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American Horror Story

No description

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of American Horror Story

American Horror Story
American horror story is a TV series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk
Released the 5th of October 2011
Thriller, erotic, terror and drama
So far, there're 3 completed seasons and one is still broadcasting
Retrospective serie ( each season has an independent plot from each other even when the actors are the same ones)

season 1: MURDER HOUSE


the story focus on the family Harmon (Ben, Vivien and Violet) who has just moved in a house in L.A after Ben cheated on his wife. In this house a series of murders have taken place.As the family settles into the home,violent events begin to occur with increasing regularity. During their stay they meet a lot of bizarre people, an important one is Tate Langdon, who is psychologically disturbed and also a serial killer.
Harmon family
Tate Langdon
season 2: ASYLUM
this story occurs at the asylum (mental institution) of Briarclift which is run by Sister Jude. There, patients are treated by Dr. Oliver who results to be "Bloody Face", a serial killer who kills women and skins them. Lana Winters is a lesbian journalist who is doing an investigation at the asylum about an inocent man who has been accused of being "Bloody Face". But she gets caught and is locked up inside the asylum.
Lana Winters
Kit Walker
serial killer)
season 3: COVEN


Zoe is a teenager who has just disvered her peculiar power. She is sent to a coven in Salem where other 3 witches live under the protection of Cordelia. The Supreme is a witch all powerful as well as the head of the coven.
Zoe & Kyle
(her lover who resurrected )
Fiona Goode
Supreme & witches
season 4
Dandy is a spoiled boy who regards himself as a freak but in fact he's a psychopath. After meet a twisty clown he enjoys killing dressed up like a clown. He lives in a mansion with his mother and their maid, who he murders. What Dandy hates the most is boredom and he can be very dangerous when he's bored. He tends to shout "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you..."when he's extremedly furious.
Twisty is a retired clown who wears a mask at the bottom of his face hiding his nonexistent jaw which he lost when he tried to kill himself by shooting a gun in his mouth. He has a mental minor disability and he used to work in a freak show when he had to run away because of fake accusations spreaded by his mates. He decides to create his own show for children kidnapping them and killing their prents.
(psyco, mad, murderer)
Dr. Oliver Thredson
(asylum's doctor, serial killer)
Freak Show/Circus
The story is set in Jupiter, Florida where the last freak show tries not to collapse. Elsa Mars is the owner of the show, her dream is to become a famous singer and she is willing to do whatever it takes to achive it. She employs Dot and Bette , twins who shares the same body but totally different personality, in her attemp to save her business. Meanwhile, the citizens are afraid of a serial killer who is kidnapping kids.
Several of the freaks who appears in this show are performed by real actors
Elsa Mars
Jimmy "Lobster boy"
Dot & Bette
Ma Petite
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