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English 3.07 Surprise!

No description

Becca Graves

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of English 3.07 Surprise!

I chose The Sniper.
Describe the physical setting of the story. Which words or descriptions contribute to the emotional setting or mood? What is the mood that results from the author’s use of description?
The story took place in Ireland during the civil war. When the author writes that Dublin, the main character was enveloped in darkness in a sense that he was hiding, and then talks about how he was too excited to eat it explains the anxious mood of the character. In the setting he hears heavy guns roaring, which also contributes to the excitement yet uneasy feeling in the story.
What is the theme? How do the final lines of the story influence the meaning or theme of the story?
The theme of the Sniper by Liam O'flaherty is the tragedy of war and how it can tare not just a country but families apart, as well as destroy someone’s humanity in the sense that they lose feeling and sensitivity, that war desensitizes the nation as a whole and people generally. The general persona of the character and how he has very little emotion or guilt also shows this. The final lines of the story influence the meaning of the theme as well when the author writes “The sniper darted across the street. A machine gun tore up the ground around him with a hail of bullets, but he escaped. He threw himself face downward beside the corpse. The machine gun stopped. Then the sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother's face.” It shows how during the civil war the brothers were fighting against each other, and when he turns the corpse over and sees it is his brother he does not express feeling any kind of emotion, sadness, or regret.
What techniques does the author use to create suspense throughout the story?
The author begins the short story with a sense of danger, taking place in the Irish Civil war in the 1920’s, when he uses detailed visual and auditory imagery. He also includes conflicts throughout the story, like when the woman pointed to the roof top where he was who might have given his location away. He resolves the conflict by shooting and gives away his location, creating a deadly conflict.
Do you think the techniques you identified in question four were effective? Did they create suspense for you? In your opinion, what technique could be used more effectively?
I do think his techniques were very effective but I do think he could have used similes to compare what he heard and saw to things someone not from that time period or taking part in some war could understand.
What techniques does the author use to create a surprise ending?
The author creates a surprise ending by neglecting to foreshadow in any obvious ways to what will happen in the end throughout the story.
Were you surprised by the twist? If so, why? If not, what should the author have done to make the ending more surprising and effective?
I was not surprised, because in civil wars families often go against each other. However, if instead of killing he brother, when he went to go investigate he could have been shot by his brother, not killed fast enough until he realized it was his brother.
What was your experience in reading this story? Did it evoke fear or physically have an effect on you? Why or why not?
This story was a good read because, to me it was original and I have never read anything like that or even in the same setting. This story did not evoke any fear, but made me think more on how tragic war is, especially when it is brother against brother.
English 3.07 Surprise!
Alternate ending:
The solider took a deep breath, took aim and made the final shot. He heard the drop of the body, over the gun shots ringing out in the distance. His curiosity perked as he looked over to where he knew the body lied. He looked around and knew that he would be killed if he tried, so he waited for his fellow soldiers to come for him and give him the OK. Soon after he made it home and everything was fine for the next couple of weeks, til news got around that his father had been killed during the war near O'Connel street with one bullet to the head.
English 3.07 Surprise!
Which story did you chose?
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