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Weapons In 1600-1700

This Is My History Homework For Real This Time Hopefully

jack lewis

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Weapons In 1600-1700

by Jack Lewis Pole-Axe

was a heavy battle axe . It was used by front line soldiers who also used musket for shooting and the axe for close encounters. Cross-Bows
were used in the 1600 century they were in favor for archers and other light combat users Mace
Maces were originally a prototype for a steel club soldiers on the front line would carry them in case they got disarmed. SHIP'S The Scimitar
are different from European weapons because of the way it is shaped. Scimitars were from the East, where officers were armed with them. The Clove was the first British trade ship to make port in Japan. Captained by John Saris, it landed in some where called Hirado, near some where called Nagasaki on 12 June 1613. Godspeed, under Captain Bartholomew Gosnold,
was one of the three ships along with the Susan Constant
and the Discovery.
in the 1606-1607 they voyaged to the New World they first found Virginia best picture i could find The Virginia was a giant steel ship built in
1607-08 by colonists. it was the first English built ship in all of the English areas of North America. The mayflower was the ship that transported English and dutch separatists to in 1620.
The Mayflower departed Plymouth, England on September 1620, with 102 passengers and 30 crew members aboard a ship thats only 100 feet.
a terrible north atlantic gale, causing the ship to be badly shaken, with water leaking from damage. sources type in to get

Weapons From The 1600 and 1700s [Archive] - Military Photos 1600s ships - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Complete list of Ship Types Musket

it was supposed to be a heavy shotgun with a fuse
it was a lot of money and was
not very reliable so not a lot of people used them.
They were one of the first guns invented
they later adapted to the idea of a cannon that could fit in your hand.
once adapted it was a lot more reliable and then they thought to shorten it and made a pistol. fun fact: the way people made bullets back then was to make a tower 100ft tall and a pool 50ft deep and drop the gun powder which made it perfectly round the air resistance would mold it perfectly round and the pool would then slow it down http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/archive/index.php/t-35165.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:1600s_ships --------------------------------------------------------------- type in to get ------------------------------------------------- type in to get http://www.thepirateking.com/ships/ship_types.htm and my bamp told me
about the bullet trick
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