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Scientific Revolution

No description

Katelyn Whitaker

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Scientific Revolution

Scientific Revolution People Nicolaus Copernicas Galileo Galilei Johannes Kepler Tycho Brahe Fransis Bacon Fransis Bacon He started doing the trial and error methods. He was born on Jan. 22,1561. He went to 2 different colleges to do his studies. He was a lawyer. He wrote (The Advancement
of Learning). Married a young rich heiress in 1606. He was knighted in 1603. He died of pneumonia after experimenting with ice. Tycho Brahe He was the eldest child. At age he entered the University of Copenhagen. He was famous for his damaged nose. B-day: 12/14/1546 D-day:
10/24/1601 Tycho proved that comets are not objects in the atmosphere. He recieved the island Hven from King Fredrik the 2nd. He had three sons and five daughters. Galileo Galilei B-day: 2/15/1564 D-year: 1642 He wrote "De Motu" about motion. In 1592 he was appointed professer of mathematics at the University of Padua. He never married but had three children with Marina Gamba. He invented the pump, hydostatic balance, and the telescope. By 1638 he was totally blind. Johannes Kepler B-day: 12/27/1571 D-year: 1630 He was an Astonomer. He founded t he "Celestial Mechanics".
He explained how the tides were influenced by the moon.
He made three laws:
1-The orbit of a planet about the aun is an ellipse with the sun's center of mass at one focus.
2- A line joining a planet and the sun sweeps out equal areas in equal intervals of time.
3- the squares of the periods of the planets are propotional to the cubes of their same major axes.
Kelper had originally planed on becoming a priest but was drawn into the world of science.
He wrote "Mysterium Cosmographicum".
He had five kids: three sons and two daughters.
One of his sons died at the age of two months old and one of his daughters died at the age of one month due to illnesses.
Nicolaus Copernicas B-day: 2/19/1473 D-day: 5/24/1543 He was a mathematician and astronomer. He proposed that the sun was the center of the earth and the earth revolved around the sun. He became known as nitiator of scientific revolution. He wrote "Narratio Prima".
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