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What makes a good summary?

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Sarah Ashland

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of What makes a good summary?

What makes a good summary?
A summary gives the main points of something in fewer words. For your summary paragraph, you should make sure the reader (me) knows the basics:
is talking?
are they talking about?
are they talking about it?
is their purpose?

The reader should not have to guess what you are writing about.
Start off by introducing the speaker and the topic after your lead (you can state the claim of the speaker or take a more creative approach) and then lead the reader through the main points of the talk.
Don't get into the details yet; save those for the analysis.
Your paragraph should...
Keep them out of your summary! Your summary should be
rather than opinionated. Save your personal opinions for the evaluative paragraph.

Instead, your summary should be "
just the facts
Bias and Opinion
Share your summary with another student in the class. They should be able to identify your speaker and understand what the TED talk is about.
When you have finished...
A summary is...
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