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Great Gatsby Summary

No description

KC McGinley

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Great Gatsby Summary

Both Gatsby and Nick live in the West
These Residents have become rich more recently. They are "New Money"
The West Egg
The East Egg
The Great Gatsby

Point of View
The Themes
Type: First Person
Narrator ; Nick Carraway
-American Dream



-Reality vs. Memory


Jay Gatsby
Nick Carraway
Daisy Buchanan
The Golden Girl; Rich and Beautiful
-Nick's cousin that resides in East Egg
Tom Buchanan
Rich and Prideful ; Husband of Daisy Buchanan
Jordan Baker
Myrtle and George Wilson
-One of Nick's colleagues from Yale
-Married to Daisy Buchanan.
-Lives in East Egg
-Cheats on Daisy with multiple women, one of whom is Myrtle Wilson
is Myrtle's husband and he also owns an auto repair shop. He is hard working and faithful to his wife. Later, he will be revealed as Jay Gatsby's killer.
-A living embodiment of everything Nick hates about New York
-Hosts parties at his mansion in West Egg on Saturday nights.
-Obsessed with Daisy
-Professional golf player
-Friend of Daisy's
-Becomes Nick's love interest later in the story.

The Buchanans live in East Egg.
These Residents are "Old Money", meaning their families have been rich for generations
The Valley of Ashes
The Wilsons live in the Valley of Ashes
These Residents are living in poverty. The people who live in the Valley of Ashes are at the low level of social class in New York.

The story begins when a young fellow named Nick Carraway moves from Minnesota to West Egg in New York. His seemingly mysterious new neighbor, Jay Gatsby, throws large parties in his mansion every night.
-Gatsby's object of obsession
-A young fellow from Minnesota
-Narrator of the story
-Jay Gatsby's neighbor in West Egg
-Daisy's cousin
- Has an obsession with money
Party girl, Gossiper
is Tom's mistress that lives in the valley of ashes, a place between the East Egg and West Egg. She is not pleased with her husband decides to cheat on him.
Conflict and Tone
Gatsby wants something he can't have: Daisy, and a shot at being in the American upper class. Tom wants something he can't have: a mistress and a wife who know nothing about each other. Nick wants something that he definitely can't have: all these crazy people to stop being crazy.
Additional Literary Devices
Allegory- The unclear green light that Gatsby saw at the end of the dock was representative of his future that was slipping away from his grasp.
Symbol- The color gold was used in the book as an adjective to associate some thing with money.
Chapter 1 Summary
In 1922, Nick Caraway moves to West Egg in New york, beside his neighbor named Jay Gatsby, Who lives in what Nick calls a "giant monstrosity". Nick, unlike most West Egg residents, know some of the people in East Egg also; mainly his cousin Daisy Buchanan. One day, Nick decides to Go to one of Gatsby's parties with his cousin Daisy , and finds a love interest in Jordan Baker. This is also the chapter in which Nick introduces the green light.
Chapter 5 Summary
After Nick comes from a date, he sees that Gatsby's lights are still on, but it seems there is no one there. Gatsby then Invites Nick for a swim to discuss his plans with Daisy later on. Nick agrees to help and the plan works out, which leaves Gatsby, Daisy, and a song called "Ain't We Got Fun?" in a room alone.
Chapter 9 Summary
Everyone is at Jay Gatsby's Funeral and Nick wanted it to be big, but it wouldn't work out. Tom Reveals to Nick that he was behind the entire term of events. Tom told George that myrtle was Gatsby's girlfriend, and that Gatsby hit her hit her with the car on purpose. This is what motivated George to commit the murder.
Personal Connection and Recommendation
-I see myself as Gatsby some times, because when I am quiet people start to wonder about me.

-I would recommend that every one read this book, because it show how corrupt American society is because of the greed for money.
F. Scott Fitzgerald purposely creates Nick as a cynical and controlling narrator. He obviously cannot stand the snobby upper class New Yorkers
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