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Pygocentrus Natteri

Pygocentrus Natteri

justin dolce

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Pygocentrus Natteri

Pygocentrus Natteri also known as the red bellied piranha By Justin Dolce The Body Structure The Red bellied piranha has sharp teeth that help it to take down prey. You can tell the female and male apart easily by the dark red patch on it's belly. The male has a darker patch of red. Life cycle The female can lay up to 5000 eggs at once
then the male becomes super aggressive and
won't let anything near!! Habitat The red bellied piranha lives in
Africa and South American waters
Also in the U.S. but in fish tanks South America Africa America Adaptations Piranhas swim in schools for protection Interesting facts The world piranha comes from the South American
name " To Cut Flesh". The piranha only attacks when provoked or starved. Predators The Alligator is one known predator And to conclude, some cool pics And some videos Piranhas feeding on 7 comet goldfish Piranhas feeding The proof piranhas don't attack humans
intentionally For Listening Start here
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