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5.8: Levels of Comedy

No description

Karli Kurth

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of 5.8: Levels of Comedy

5.8: Levels of Comedy
The Challenge of Comedy
To distinguish between high and low comedy
To note significant information in non-fiction texts
Purpose is to entertain and make the audience not have to think much
Low Comedy
The purpose of high comedy is to express opinions or to persuade, typically about larger social issues
High Comedy
Responses to humor
Decide whether this clip reflects
high or low comedy and why.
High or Low Comedy?
High or Low Comedy?
Read "Low Comedy" on page 232, then watch this video clip from the classic TV series "I Love Lucy."
As a class, fill out the Low Comedy organizer on page 330
Then, answer question #1 on your own
Read "High Comedy" on page 333, then watch this clip from the TV show, "Saturday Night Live."
As a class, fill out the organizer on page 331. After you finish, complete question #2 on your own.
Recall activity 5.3
(p. 317-318)
guffaw outburst
giggle chuckle
titter snicker
groan smile
What makes it high or low?
maybe a combination?
Your two responses are due by beginning of class Wednesday!
which did you do when you watched low comedy? High comedy?
Which did you do
for low comedy?
High comedy?
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