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David and Bathsheba

No description

Abigail Boltin

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of David and Bathsheba

The Consequences
God sent Nathan the prophet to confront David. Nathan began by telling David a story...
David was completely ashamed of himself and fell before God asking for forgiveness, but there were still consequences.
But God was in Control
David, being the king, could ask any woman to come to him. So he summoned Bathsheba and slept with her.
David then changed his plan. He sent Uriah back to battle with a message to the general, Joab. In the message he told Joab to put Uriah on the front lines of battle to ensure that Uriah was killed in action.
The Beginning of Trouble
A. While David was supposed to be with his army in battle, he was walking along the wall of his palace.
David and Bathsheba
David then brought Uriah home from war hoping that he would go home, sleep with his wife, and assume the child was his.
David then brought Bathsheba to the palace to be another one of his many wives.
Bathsheba and David's second child, Solomon, became king after David and was the greatest king Israel ever had.
He saw a beautiful woman named Bathsheba roof of her house. (her bathing on the husband Uriah was off at war)
She sent him a message a few weeks later that changed everything.
I am with child
Uriah would not go and sleep with his wife while his friends were at war fighting. David even got Uriah drunk, but he refused to go.
The child Bathsheba was pregnant with died because of the sin and David had problems with his children for the rest of his life.
His children fought with each other, one son killed many of his other sons and then tried to take over the kingdom.
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