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Rain, Rain Go Away by Isaac Asimov

Short Story Presentation for LAC2

Dustin Thiele

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Rain, Rain Go Away by Isaac Asimov

by Issac Asimov “Rain, Rain Go Away” Narrator Omniscient Setting The story takes place in a regular neighborhood,
probably in modern times during spring or summer.
While reading this story, I pictured a neighborhood
of cookie cutter houses with 60’s style cars parked in
the driveways. I could even imagine seeing the
husbands all going to work in the morning and
coming home in the evening to a clean home, dinner ready, and smiling family.

A portion of the story also takes place at a carnival or park of some sort, complete with booth games, food, rides, and music. Characters Lillian Wright A point of view of third party. The narrator,
in this case, is all knowing. is curious about her new neighbors. George Wright is indifferent to his new neighbors and wishes Lillian would mind her own business. Tommie Wright is Lillian and George’s son. He wants to play with the Sakkaro boy. The Sakkaros The strange new neighbors and family of three. The Sakkaros behave strangely when they see clouds. The Plot Lillian and George are curiously looking out the window as they watch the new neighbors. A conversation about how oddly they behave transpires. Included is what Mr. Sakkaros does all day because most men go to work. Mr. Sakkaros does not. Lillian invites the Sakkaros to the park for fun. After persuading the Sakkaros, they reluctantly go, taking with them radios, newspapers, and weather devices. Lillian and George find this strange. The two families enjoy the day at the park, eating and playing games. Lillian and George notice that the only thing the Sakkaros eats is cotton candy! A cloud shows up in the sky as a storm approaches. The Sakkaros are worried, and want to go home. They all leave the park, the Wrights confused. As soon as the Sakkaros get out of the car, it starts to rain.

The rain melts the Sakkaros away, leaving a shocked Lillian, George, and Tommie, behind. As Lillian said...

“You would think they were...made of sugar and afraid they would melt.” Theme One theme present in Rain, Rain Go Away, is that you don’t have control of everything. As with weather, there are things in life that could throw a kink in your plans. Theme A Theme B Another theme in Rain, Rain Go Away is that nosy neighbors should keep their nose in their own house.

Or as Arthur Baer stated, “A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn't climb over it”.

Had Mrs. Wright left the Sakkaros alone, they never would have gone to the carnival, and never been rained on, and therefore, would still be alive. Literary Devices Metaphor The Sakkaros were each holding three sticks of cotton candy, huge swirls of pink foam… Personification A wind had sprung up, driving the dust of the weeks-dry road… Foreshadowing “You know, Lil, it’s clouding up.” Imagery The heavens opened and the rain came down in giant drops as though some celestial dam had suddenly burst. It was a beautiful day at Murphy’s Park; hot and dry without being too hot; and with a cheerfully bright sun in a blue, blue sky. My Reaction to
Rain, Rain Go Away Rain, Rain Go Away is a lightweight and funny short story that leads the reader through typical events, almost in a predictable way. Until the end. The surprise in the end was a funny and unexpected twist!
I also found it interesting that Sakkaros could be another spelling of sachharo, which means sugar. "Saccharo” I find their last name quite suitable as they are made of sugar. Bibliography The storm arriving at the park is an example of this. The Sakkaros had no control of the weather, and had to change their plans because of the arriving storm. "Saccharo." Webster’s II New Riverside University Dictionary. 1st ed. 1984. Print. " Isaac Asimov's Robot Series." Princeton.edu. n.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. “Planets for Man.” Rand.org. Rand Corporation. 2012. Web. 26 Feb. 2013 “Nightfall by Isaac Asimov; Robert Silverberg.” Fictiondb.com. n.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2013 Manning, Michael. Weaving. Jagex Audio, 2012. MP3. Are there other planets man could survive on? Planets for Man Other Works by
Issac Asimov The Robot Series What would happen if the world was ruled by robots? Nightfall What would happen if the world
was suddenly plunged into darkness? Thiele, Vanessa. Clouds. 2012. Sagle, ID. Rain, Rain Go Away is written in a
Omniscient point of view.
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