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Structural Analysis

structure systems assignment

Esraa Fathy

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis Cantilever Trusses Beam(Simple&Cont.) Frame Rollers Arches Supports Used in straight line moves on level grade
where a track system can facilitate the move. what's the Structure? hank ou ") "Structure Systems"
Assignment Structure is a group of elements somehow united to support a load with stability.
Everything has a structure.
For example: humans have skeleton, bicycles have a frame, houses have columns,beams etc.. Project Manager: Anas Moustafa.
Assaistant: Esraa abdelkader.
Presentation Team: Esraa Fathy-Asmaa Albeltagy.
Quality Team: Aman Ahmed-Ashraf Elsaid.
Members: Asmaa Rezk-Asmaa Mahrous-Asmaa Ismail-
Elham Saleh-Islam Esam-Islam Elbadry-Eman Ebrahem.
Supervisor: Dr/Abdelhamid Beshara. A projecting structure, such as a beam,
that is supported at one end and carries a load
at the other end or along its length. Examples of Cantilever Examples of Simple Beam Trusses in architecture and engineering, a supporting structure or framework composed of beams, girders,
or rods commonly of steel or wood lying in a single plane.

A truss usually takes the form of a triangle or combination of triangles since this design ensures the greatest rigidity.
Trusses are used for large spans and heavy loads, especially in bridges. Examples of
Trusses It' s the most common choice of structures, they are composed of long elements joined to each other at the ends. They' re strong.

Advantages: easy to build, inexpensive and lightweight.
Disadvantages: not good for very big loads or strong impacts. A beam resting upon several supports, which may be in the same horizontal plane.

A beam having several spans in one straight line; generally has at least three supports. Examples of
Continuous Beam: Examples of
Rollers: There are many types, but the semicircular
arch, still remains the most used. Its own
weight is the main load and the geometry
of the arch displaces the forces to the sides.
The stone at the very top is called the keystone.

Is designed to withstand heavy loads. The dynamic load of people and other traffic causes each piece of wood or stone in the arch to push against the piece next to it. Examples of
Arches: Group 5 Examples of
Frame: A structural beam that rests on a support
at each end. A beam resting upon several supports, which may
be in the same horizontal plane.

A beam having several spans in one straight line;
genrally has at least three supports. Types Of Structure Systems: Questions ?!! T Y
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