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Bisuness model Canvas

No description

Alexa Diaz de Sandi

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Bisuness model Canvas

What ?
global company focused on appliances.
Samsung Group


How much?
In 2013, $174,39 billion, 20% more than the past year.
Talent and technology

Provide proper tools for achieving full potential
Against who?
March, 1938
by Byung-Chull Lee

Size and ranking
And by who?
Our culture...
Before, Fishes
Innovative and minimalistic.

Examples: Cellphones, TVs, Home Theaters, Cameras, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Laundry Machines and Printers.
Actual CEO Oh-hyun Kwon
Global company

#8 Brand in the world.

Samsung Galaxy S4, Best-selling phone
of 2013
(15-23 years)

An active social network life
Use for school activities

(23-45 years)

Work matters
Communication with family

Businessman and entrepreneurs
(26-60 years)

Constant work uses, traveling and international communication

Family communication
*Medium-high sociocultural level

*Directly (Official website)

*Authorized distributors (Telcel, Iusacel, Movistar, etc.)

*Department stores
(In Mexico: FF, Liverpool, PH, Sears



*Service modules in department stores and distributors

A specific study
Main revenue is obtained from the sale of devices generated by
the authorized distributors and directly from us.

(Online sales)
• Sales: $187.85 B in total last year

*Android Platform

*Strategic partnership with key suppliers and distributors

*Work philosophy (Training our staff)

*Innovation (design)
Through R&D




Iusacell, AT&T,
Dept stores)

Human resources
Android platform
Marketing; patents.
*High quality and technologically advanced products

*Customized android platform

*Eco-friendly products

*Community engagement
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