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Technology's effect on written & spoken word


Cori Cummings

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Technology's effect on written & spoken word

By: Cori The Effect on Writing The Effect on Speaking My Opinion Ways of Knowing : -Texting/IM'ing affects spelling

-Social medias affects speaking

-Texting/IM'ing affecting literacy
>Texting/IM'ing becoming very popular way of communicating
>So much pressure to know how to read

-So accustomed to short, to the point writing
>We dislike doing longer writing
>Affects how people are better able to do all the Areas of Knowledge
-Nobody writes letters anymore
>Cost money
>Takes a lot of time
>Social networking is free & quicker to send/receive messages
>Penpals communicate through social media, IM's or skype
-Letters and Birthday cards are shorter

-Speaking has become shorter, to the point
>ex: "your beautiful"
-Use of Text speak in conversation
-Text speak put in dictionary
>because so widely used

-Technology is negatively affecting
>Texting has become a primary
method of communication
>Kids text rather than talk; don't develop social skills
>Casual speaking; simpler language; beauty of language being lost
-Technology is negatively affecting writing:
>Kids so accustomed to witting short; have difficulty with essays/long papers
-Technology such as instant messaging
allows us to have an almost "normal"
-Since we are unable to see the persons face/
reactions technology has pushed us into using:
>Emojis :p
>Exclamation points! and periods...

-Shortened witting/text speak has become
so popular it is being put in the dictionary
-Technology has aided us in creating new
Implications of Knowledge & Other Points of View To what extent are the written and spoken word
blurred due to technology? Knowledge Issue: Knowledge Issue:
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