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Data Protection Act

No description

Emadul Hoque

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Data Protection Act

By Emadul Hoque Legal Issues 7- The is Data securilly kept. 2-The data is obtained for specified and lawfull process Data Protection Act. 1-The Data is processed fairly and lawfull 3- The data is adequate and relevant. Organisation should only collect the data that they need. School need to know your parent's phone number to contact them in an emergancy. However they shouldn't ask or store details because it's excessive and won't help you in your education.
4-The data is accurate and up to date. 5- The Data is not kept any longer than necessary 6- The Data is processed in accordance with the "Data subjects" rights. 8- The data is not transferred to any other country withought adequate protection. Computer Missuse Act The computer misuse act is a law in the UK that makes illegal activities such as: 1- Hacking into other peoples systems 2- Data misuse and unauthorised transfer or copying. 3- Copying and disturbing copyrighted software,music and film. 4- Send illegal emai and chatroom abuse 5- Sending Pornography 6- Sending viruses to other computers. 7- Financial abuse and identity fraud Thank You
For Watching This means that you should be told which data is being collected about you and should be asked for your pemission to collect it. The Data Controller has to ask why they want to collect and store information when they apply for permission to be able to do so. Companies make sure that they don't record the wrong fact about a data subject. For example schools ask parents to fill out a form one a year to check if the details are correct on the system. Organisation should only keep personal data for reasonable length of time. Hospitals may keep a patients record for 25+ years because they may need the details to treat an illness. People have the right to inspect the information held on them. If the data is incorrect then they have the right to change it. Detail has to be kept safe for hackers and employees who don't have the rigt to see it. If a company wishes to share data with an organisation in a different country, that country has to have the similar law to our Data Protection Act. The Data Protection Act was made in 1998 which effects you almost every day of your life. The 8 Principles of the Data Protection Act
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