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Math in Cheer

No description

cheer girls

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Math in Cheer

Math in Cheerleading
Maths in cheerleading
In cheerleading there are lots of different types of maths in cheerleading like angles, Hight, Patterns, Timing and lots more.
Cheerleading stunts
Angles in cheerleading🀛
the most popular used angle in cheerleading is the obtuse angle and the right angle but we all so use diffrent types
This is an obtuse angle. It is 123 degrees
This is an right angle. It is 90 degrees
Timing plays a big place in cheerleading and in maths too.

Eg: Counting and synchronization
Level 1: Extention cradle
Level 2: Single leg stunts
Level 3: Scorpian extention, cradle
What you need in stunting
Timing getting up all together.
all of the angles in them.
the roations.
so look at these photos and find some angles roatins and think about the timming in them.
Toe touch basket toss
Cradle twist
Wolf wall
Handstand pyramid
How many teams competed at worlds?
There was a round about 45 teams that competed in america. Most of them were from america because it is where cheerleading originated from.
🀀Pie graph🀀
This is some level 1 skills
This is a routine called POM, it has alot of dance movement and acrobatic tumbling. We use pom poms to get the judges attention
Infomation card we made
The average size of a cheer floor
Thanks for watching
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