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The Cost Of Living In The 1930's

By: Dan The Man and Edward The Great

Danny Banales

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Cost Of Living In The 1930's

The Cost Of Living in the 1930's Yearly Average Income The Average Income For Families In The 1930's
was about $1970.oo

this later decreased down to nearly $1700.00 towards the end of the decade. The Expense Of Food Protein Goods (Beef, lamb.)
Lamb 17cents per lbs.
Steak 20 cents per lbs.

Eggs: 18 cents per douzen

milk: 7 -10 cents per pint

bread: 8 cents per loaf (white) Utilities and transportation Tooth Paste: 27 cents

soap: 6 cents per bar

CLIFTON Toilet Tissue: 9 cents for two rolls.

Toaster: 9.95
refrigerator: 144.50
mattress 15.98
automobile: new cars averaged at about 640.00 to 700.00 converting the prices in the 1930's
to now. nickel in 1930= 67 cents
dime in 1930 = 1.33 in 2011
5.00 = 66.53
10.00 = 133.07
100 =1330.66
1000 = 13306.59 the depression and stock market crash :Effect on cost of living By: Dan The Man
Edward The Great unemployment reached 23.6% in 1932

1/4 of americans were unemployed in 1933
unemployment dropped to 2% in the 1940's
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