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suruthi suhanthan

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Wendat

Wendat Weapons and Tools Food Clothing Shelter The area of where the Wendat lived Region and Landscape Religon History The region that the Wendat people lived in was in Eastern Ontario (on the left side). The effect in the environment causes the animals to die because they do not have enough food to eat that help them survive. The animals that die without food are: Eel, Loon, Bear, Wolf, Hawk, Turtle, Deer, and Beaver. The effect that the environment made to the landscape is that the animals need grass to eat so they take the grass and then there would be no grass so that is affecting the landscape. The history of the Wendat people is that the Wendat people lived around a lake that is now central lake. Some people think that the Wendat people went up the Mississippi River. Some Wendat people used to live in Québec City, so they also learned some French. One of the cool religion facts is that the Wendat people adopted French as their own language. Their population was at least 1600-30,000 people. Some of the Wendat people decided to divide up and go to the eastern side of Ontario. The Wendat people lived in the north west of the north west of the lakes Simcoe and the south east of Simcoe. Also about over 70% of the area was surrounded. Most of the homes and land was surrounded too. The Wendat people were known for great hunters. They also were known for great farmers these were some daily things that they did in the land. They did everything based on their clan system. All the Wendat people had to be reacted to the mother of each clan. Everything that the family agreed on would happen because they all do everything as a group. The Wendat people lived in a place with their environment things. They wore clothing using animal skin. Food that they ate was usually animals’ bones and corn. The clothibg that they wore is weird and really cool. That is because they wore animal skin. Before wearing the skin of the animal they had to take out the meat and put it to dry so that they can eat the meat and then they wash the skin and put it to dry brfore they wear the animal skin. They always used animal skin as clothing. They used the animal skin and made leather out of them.the men wore lioncloth.No it is not made out of lion it is deer skin .Women almost hadto wear the same thing but instead they wore: leggings,skirts,and furjackets. The Wendat ate lot of animals. Some of the animals they ate are: Bear,Fox,Eel,Hawk,Deer,Turtle,Loon,Beaver.The men did alll the hunting for food while the women staed home cleaning the other animals and putting the meat to dry. The used bow & arrow to hunt the food. Since they had no microwaves to heat their food they used their fireplace. Their fireplace was a campfire.Sometimes they had feasts and at the feast they would play games and sing. For the feast they had lots of food. Some of the weapons that the Wemdat people had used to hunt animals were:Bow and Arrow, Knifes , Wooden Spares , and Rocks. They didn't have guns back then because they didn't have metal or bullets . The tools they used in the Wendat culture is : Sledge hammers , etc. They hunting was done all by men. By: Suruthi, Ravdeep, Himmat, Sheraz
CLASS: 611 The Wendat people do have shelter and their shelter wasn't the best because now compared to ours shelter there was probably the worst.That is because they used wood (tree bark) to build their homes.Their homes were called "longhouse" it is named longhouse because the longhouse is super long. That is because they had about 10-80 families in that one longhouse.The wendat eaither lived in a longhouse or a teepee. Their shelter wasn't good for them because when thy had lit their fireplace evrytime the smoke would go out but it had no where to get out of the longhouse.So it stayed inside and that caused all the women to die when they were 50-60 years old.
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