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Eastwood Home Inspections, LLC

Made for MBA Capstone

Bradley Prasuhn

on 23 November 2011

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Transcript of Eastwood Home Inspections, LLC

16940 16940 General Company Descriptions Industry History

Mission Statement


Goals & Objectives SPSS Business Philosophy

Strengths &
Core Competencies

Ownership S trengths eaknesses pportunities hreats Competition Columbia Mexico Jefferson City Lake Ozark Fulton Emery Home Inspection

Spradling Home Inspections

American Home Inspection Service

Peace of Mind Home Inspection

Martin Home Inspection

Benchmark Testing & Inspection

All Over the House

Pillar To Post

Mizzou Home Inspection

Home Inspections By CJ

Cusick Building Consulting Vision One Home Inspections

Peace of Mind Home Inspections

Home Tech Inspection Service

Accurate Home Inspection Service

Considerate Done

None that we found W O T SWOT Analysis Under 2000 sq. ft...........$325 Under 500 sq. ft...........$100 Septic System Inspections Over 2000 sq. ft...........$350 Over 3500 sq. ft...........$375

Basement Fee............$25
50+ year old homes...$65 Future Products and Services Mold Inspections
Termite Inspections
Radon Testing Current Products and Services Home Inspections

Septic System Inspections Blake Eastwood Gabriel George Bradley Prasuhn Kate Wells Flat Fee...........$100 Additional Buildings SPSS We anticipate our customer will be in their late 20's through their early 50's.

Consumers in their late 20's have graduated college and starting their careers.

Consumers in their early 50's have begun to receive a greater income and will look to relocate to a new home. A copy of the checklist used during the inspection

A written report within 72 hours of the date the inspection was performed

A thank you note

Any additional information we can provide the client Provide the client with: Contract Lawyer Accountant Insurance Agent Banker Riley & Dunlap, P.C.
Contact: Tom Riley Graham Insurance Agency
Contact: Steven Maupin Callaway Bank
Contact: Mike Boulware, V.P. Kristen Hudson, CPA E X I T In the event of Bankruptcy
In the event of Death
In the event of Injury S T R A T E G Y Operational Plan Location
Insurance Policies
Credit Policies Balance Sheet Ending 6-30-2012 $5,034 - Total Assets
$5,034 - Total Liabilities & 5,034.00 Five thousand thirty four & no/100 Sales Forecast Year 1 - '11-'12 30 - Home Inspections
5 - Additional Buildings
3 - Septic System Inspections 11,535.00 Eleven thousand five hundred thirty five & no/100 Income Statement Year 1 - '11-'12 $11,535 - Revenue
$14,426 - Expenses
$527 - 15% Corporate Taxes (3,418.00) Three thousand four hundred eighteen & no/100 Sales Forecast Year 5 - '15-'16 65 - Home Inspections
14 - Additional Buildings
10 - Septic System Inspections 26,170.00 Twenty six thousand one hundred seventy & no/100 Cash Flows Year 1 - '11-'12 $10,000 - Financing Activities 5,034.00 Cash Loan 2011 - 2016 60 Monthly payments of $202.76
$2,165.84 total interest paid at 8% 10,000.00 Ten thousand & no/100 Income Statement Year 5 - '15-'16 $26,170 - Revenue
$11,815 - Expenses
$2,153 - 15% Corporate Taxes 12,202.00 Twelve thousand two hundred two & no/100 Owner's Equity Five thousand thirty four & no/100 Total Debt 1.68 Debt-Equity (2.47%) Break Even
Analysis 42.7 Financial Statements Financial
Ratios ($4,966) - Operating Activities Startup Costs Year 1 - '11-'12 Six thousand one hundred ten & no/100 $1,100 - Computer Software
$3,960 - Licenses/Fees/Permits
$200 - Tools
$850 - Website 6,110.00 How likely are you to have your next home inspected?
Do you rent or own your current home? Was your home inspected before you purchased it? Current county of residence How likely are you to have your next home inspected?
Do you rent or own your current home? Was your home inspected before you purchased it? Current county of residence Gender How did you hear of your inspector? Gender How did you hear of your inspector? Promotional Budget Breakdown Service Area Service Area What is a home inspection?
Why is it needed? What is a septic system inspection?
Why is it needed? Grandfathering Current Legislation
Possible Requirements Overview Are home inspections required in the state of Missouri? Are home inspections required in the state of Missouri? Additional Charges
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