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Physical Science Waves Chapters 12-14

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Kimberly Cribb

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Physical Science Waves Chapters 12-14

: Watch videos until you see the STOP. Then sign the accountability sheet.

Answer these questions neatly and turn them in for a grade.

1. After you watch the videos tell me in a few sentences the examples of resonance you saw.

2. What unit is used to measure the frequency of waves and how do you calculate it?
12 B and 12C
: Answers the following on paper and turn it in as homework.

1. Explain constructive interference.
Draw an illustration of this.
2. Explain destructive interference.
Draw an illustration of this.
Reflection and interference
: Watch the videos and answer the questions on paper and turn them in for a homework grade.

1. Nodes are examples of what kind of interference?

2. Anti-nodes are examples of what kind of interference?

3. What is true about the measures of the angles of incidence and the reflection?
Diffraction, refraction, reflection
Doppler Effect and Red Shift
Photons and their duel nature
Waves Chapters 12-14
Waves videos 12A
Only watch 2 minutes of this one.
Notice the spring and the wave on the computer screen. They are showing the same wave pattern.
Resonance is partly to blame!
STOP! The remaining videos are for next time.
Constructive interference. Notice how the wave amplitude adds together.
Last Prezi assignment:
Answer the question and turn it in with your homework. What is the speed of sound in the ground?
Watch ALL of these videos in this last section.
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