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Derivative Work of the US

No description

Crystal Siu

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Derivative Work of the US

Derivative Works of the
United States in the 21st Century

- Examining economic recession and financial crisis – financial tsunami, economic collapse

People had started to define some "
creative work
" as "derivative work" in the US since 1919...
Definition 2
- modify an existing image to a different one

(In law, it does not matter whether the change is great or small, or the result is recognizably like the original )
- By Marcel Duchamp
(an American painter)

- a post card reproduction with added moustache, goatee and title in pencil
- Not satisfy with the government’s ruling i.e. Obama’s promises

- Unreasonable decisions made

- Policies imposed by the government
- For


purpose: stimulate younger generations’ thinking

- To
Increase sociopolitical participation
: Increase US people’s understanding of the ruling of the US government
- To
reveal the opinions and comments
on the government’s policies and actions

- To
raise the awareness
of the government and the public on some important and urgent
social issues

- To reflect
social phenomenon
- created by street artist Shepard Fairey

- replaced the real colors with an evocatively patriotic blue and red color scheme

Obama "Hope"
Obama "Hope"
- a former University of California policeman stirred the public outrage by pepper-spraying peaceful student protesters
Example -
An social issue
- the derivative work shows the discontent of
poor judgement
excessive force
in the confrontation
Positive Influences
is encouraged

Public interest
towards social and political issues

Increase in Citizens’ power
of monitoring the government
Negative Influences
Disturb social order

- Setting a
bad example
for children
- Unsatisfied with the social status of oneself

- Decreasing quality of life of the Americans (spiritually and physically)

- Social instability

The End.
aroused social awareness
towards the incident
Definition 1
From the Cambridge dictionary:
- not the result of new ideas

- developed from or copies something else
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- to inspire and convey Obama's
presidential leadership potential

- transformative

- this poster is evolved in to a symbol of the
Social Issue
Social issue
Obama "Hope"
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