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Songs of ♠POWER♠

No description

Christina Jindra

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Songs of ♠POWER♠

*Song 's Of Power and Strength *
Songs of
These songs ares songs that have Great messages and also great words I hope encourage you and have a more stronger faith in the Lord!
Why should we fear the Earth or anything else?? When we have our Lord, there's no fear! He is our protector and defender! He won this fight!
Our God is Here!
Sometimes, We think God doesn't have a reason for everything. If that was true, then God is not perfect. But since God is, We can know that God can help us! He opens and closes Doors.
Let your Heart Beat
God is in control of Everything! So we christians Chose to believe! God is Good!
I chose to believe
We christian Lift our life to him is the Praises time and in the broken times. But we know God has Reasons for everything, so we let him have His way!
Lift my Life UP!
Miracles are amazing things, It's greater then Magic cause God does it to prove and show that he is Just!
I Need a Miracle!
This Corner Stone!
This Corner Stone! Is My church!
I love my Church and my friends!
This is our theme song!

Christmas Bonus!!!
Here's a Christmas Song that I LOVE to listen!
On your Knees
(My #1 favorite Song)
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