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HOW Design Live 2013

A collaboration of HOW Blog notes, past videos and interviews paired with my notes, doodles and images form the week spent in San Francisco for HOW Design Live 2013.

Craig Bieri

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of HOW Design Live 2013

HOW Design Live 2013
San Francisco, CA | June 22-26
Studio Tours
June 23
Joel Templin
Makeshift Society:
Meta Design:
Austin Kleon
Steal Like an Artist
The best selling author of “Steal Like An Artist,” was engaging and inspiring. Austin shared that no idea is original and that we should expose ourselves to all kinds of inspiration, decide what is worth stealing and take it. But the important thing is not to stop there—make it your own, make it better and then share it with others.
Debbie Millman
On Failure: How the Worst Moments in
Your Life Can Turn Out to Be the Best
Debbie Millman shared her journey with us on how failure can sometimes result in profound growth and opportunity.
10 Things:
1) If you're not making mistakes you're not trying.
2) Expect anything worth while to take a while
4) Ask for opportunities
5) Finish what you start
6) Say yes (except spec work)
7) Busy is a decision
8) Never sensor your dreams
9) Learn & build from failure
10) It's only failure if you don't try
Danny Gregory
How your sketch book can open your mind,
boost creativity and rock your world.
When tragedy robbed artist Danny Gregory of his wife Patti, he turned to his notebooks to channel his feelings. His remarkable illustrations chronicles the struggle following her death.
1) Keep refilling the well
2) Creative feeds creative
3) Be an amateur
4) Awake
5) Make Time

David Sherwin
Top 10 Design Business Failures
1) No quality control
2) Working without a contract
3) Working without a deposit
4) Spec work
5) No Client approval on milestones
6) Improper estimates
7) No cash flow
8) Inacurate rates
9) Not trusting your gut
Mary Zalla
Selling Creativity
Getting the best and the most creative work produced is not just about selling. It is about inspiring your audience to see potential.
Understand & empathize
1) Rapport
2) Bias
3) Understanding
4) Fear
5) Determination
Justin Ahrens
How Movies can teach you
to be a better designer.
A great story has the power to shift the way we look at a particular subject, idea or person. There is no better example of this than through the experience of film. A great film has the ability to make us laugh, make us cry, make us pause…. As creatives, we have the opportunity to learn from filmmakers as they explore the voyeuristic, the vicarious, and the visceral through visual storytelling.
James Victore
How to Avoid Work
Advice about loving work and killing our inner creative critics...

"Doing great work involves risk, chance and above all else freedom. Working for a sense of safety will yield safe work, and safe work is boring."
Scott Belsky
Idea Execution: How Ideas are Brought to life
Whether you’re a “dreamer,” a “doer” or “incrementalist who waivers between the two,” having a system for work and collaboration is essential to your success. Belsky, quoting Picasso, reminds us that “inspiration exists, but it must find you working.”
The shortest way home is
the longest way around.

Be unselfcritical...just make stuff.

No client should consume
more than 25%.

Practice higher ground.

Live your story.

Keep & seek free radicals.

Never eat at Jack in the Box after 3am.
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