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Hole in my life By Jack Gantos

No description

Caleb Shelby

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Hole in my life By Jack Gantos

Hole in my life By: Jack Gantos Summary Hole in my life is an autobiography by Jack Gantos. It tell how his childhood ended when he was sent to prison for smuggling. He moved from wanting to be a writer to writing and this new found dedication helped him endure the worst experience of his life. Jack Gantos Jack Gantos is the author of A Hole in My Life. He was born in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Jack was an abstract child in his early life and was placed in the reading group for slow reader.s He also liked to pretend his clothes were on fire for fun. He received his first journal when his older sister had been given one by their mother. Jack wanted to be just like his older sister, so he got a journal. In combination with his journal and the new school in Barbados, which made learning fun for Jack, he was opened to the world of reading and writing. Jack later decided he wanted to be a writer in high school. In an attempt to make money for college, Jack attempted to sail one ton in return for ten thousand dollars! He was later caught and thrown in prison! This would later give him the inspiration for A Hole in My Life. Characters Jack Jack's dad Jack's mom Jack's Sister Mr. and Mrs. Bacon Davy Crockett IV Hamilton Rik Shortly after being caught with the possession of drugs, Gantos entered his journey of being convicted, sentenced to jail, and becoming a witness of the horror involved in being locked up.
Conflict Resolution After explaining to the police what had happened, Jack was finally let out of prison. He went on to become a writer and publish many other books.
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