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No description

barbara valle

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Prezume

Welcome to the wonderful
Land of Barbs !
My name is Barbara Valle

I attend the University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida USA

My GPA is 3.6

I graduate Spring 2014

I'm majoring in Advertising and
Political Science with a concentration in business and Latin American studies
Reitz Union Board
Film Committee Secretary
RUB puts on student programming every day of the semester. I was selected to serve on the board for UF's student center in charge of selecting all films played in the university cinema. As secretary my job was to keep all members informed of meetings and keep records of all voting.
Ambassador for
International Programs Warrington College of Business
After completing a six month business exchange program in Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand I became an ambassador for international programs. I work to promote the programs to students from all fields and and educate them on study abroad options. I perform a range of advising and promotional activities such as, participate in panel discussions, presentations across campus, conduct info sessions and prepare study abroad guides.
Photography Director of
Hispanic Heritage Month
After participating in the HHM marketing team my freshman year and completing the Member Leadership Program the following semester, I became photography director Fall 2011. I worked with a team to capture the countless events throughout the month of celebration. I also managed the Facebook page and social media to keep people updated about the events.
I started out as an advertising intern where I was responsible for selling and creating advertising for local clients, my territory was campus. Upon completing the end-of-semester project and winning 1st place I was hired as a permanent advertising clerk. As a clerk I helped bigger clients such as Universal, Hardees, Ernest & Young etc. I was given the opportunity to create an ad campaign for the Alachua County Water Department. I was also responsible for helping interns develop their projects and creating motivational competitions for sales executives.
IEngage is a new development in UF
dedicated to promoting cross-cultural interactions in a fun safe-zone way. We develop special programming to facilitate that whether it is a dialogue series, guest speakers or cultural events. I was in charge of the coordinating the Multicultural Art Show. I had to contact local artists for works, promote the event and manage the social media vehicles.
My main job was writing press releases, recruiting volunteers, and coordinating pre-festival events. I also
was the spokesperson for festival on UF campus; attending meetings and tabling sessions representing GLFF.
I learned how to fundraise including contact with the ambassador of Panama for Panamanian film funds and grant writing for city grants.

I believe I would make the best Prezi ambassador for my campus because I am passionate about Prezi; I feel as if I’m already an ambassador. I can still remember the first day I saw a Prezi presentation and I thought to myself, I HAVE to learn to do this. The biggest surprise came to me when I realized how simple it is to learn and all the freedom it provides for presentations. I still sit and wish all programs were like this. I think I would help students realize that they can do this to, that this program is out there and they don’t have to conform to power points. I want them to know they have so much freedom within Prezi especially for college students who work on group projects, Prezi makes it easy to work together.
I am also devoted to advertising/marketing since it is what I hope to do as a career when I graduate. I feel that I can use the marketing skills I learned in school and my internships to help promote a product I truly believe in. I want the chance to prove that I can use what I'm good at to make a difference on my campus.
Intercultural Engagement Team
Multicultural & Diversity Affairs Office
Dec. 2012-present
Independent Florida Alligator
Advertising Department
Jan. 2011-July 2012
Gainesville Latino Film Festival
Public Relations Coordinator
Jan. 2011- Jan. 2012
Campus Activities

Why I would be
the best ambassador
for my campus...

The most important Prezi Value..
All of Prezi’s values are unique and stimulating but I feel that curiosity is the most important one. Curiosity is directly correlated to innovation and Prezi is unlike any presentation format out there. It is changing the way people share information in a more visually arousing way. Curiosity is what probably started and will expand the future of Prezi. Curiosity is what drives humanity forward and pushes us to think beyond the known and I believe Prezi exemplifies this.
How I'm going to
Prezify my school:

#1 Every single student at the University of Florida must go through preview orientation. I would work closely with the preview staffers in order to update all their current power-point presentations into Prezi form. Not only will Prezi be introduced to thousands of students but it will give UF a modern image and excite them about coming to our school.
I will hold Prezi workshops at meetings of student organizations that benefit from learning the program. I would like to target organizations that have a lot of students and influence over the marketing on campus. Organizations such as Ad Society, PRSA, American Marketing Assoc, Business Honor Society, etc. The goal would be to increase usage among these students where they can then spread it to their classrooms.
Increase Awareness!
Guerilla Marketing,
social media, & PR

Although simple, tabling at our university's main plaza is still the most effective way to reach students and get them to engage with Prezi. I would table during high traffic times, give away promotional items and have a computer giving students a chance to interact with the program.
There is a painted wall on our campus that is seen by countless students who walk through that area. I would paint it with the Prezi logo and include Prezi's social media contact. By liking or following Prezi they will remain connected to the brand.
I would try to generate buzz by getting a story written in the student newspaper about the benefits of Prezi.
Fun Facts:
* I'm a huge movie buff, my favorites are the Wizard of Oz, Science of Sleep and Life is Beautiful.
* My family is from Cuba and Spanish was actually my first language.
* I love anything Pinterest related, cooking,
baking, crafting, decorating.
*I've traveled to 16 countries and spent 6 months living in
Bangkok, Thailand.
*My biggest dream is to travel into space one day
Thank you!
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