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Case Study:Four Lions

No description

Duncan White

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Case Study:Four Lions

The Production Companies
Film4: http://www.film4.com/film4-productions
Warp Films: http://warp.net/films/
Wild Bunch: http://www.wildbunch.biz/films/all/2
Optimum Releasing: http://www.studiocanal.co.uk/

The Director
Chris Morris is a satirist, writer and broadcaster from Bristol. Aside from Four Lions he is best known for the satirical mock news investigation show Brass Eye.
Director: Chris Morris
Release Date (UK): 9th May 2010 115 Screens
UK Box Office : £2,932,366 (max 200 screens)

Case Study:Four Lions
Production Companies:
The film is a co-production meaning the cost is shared between the companies. Given the controversial subject matter the film would not appeal to one of the big 6 but a study of these companies shows that they often produce more niche or challenging work.
Challenging the Mainstream?
UK Box office: £2.6m
US Box office: $301,527
Four Lions was a modest success at the box office.

However its satirical/blackly comic take on an emotive subject matter made it a hard sell for a mass audience however its success did show that there is an audience for alternative films.
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