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Farm Security Administration

No description

Brooke Robinson

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Farm Security Administration

Is It Still Here Today?
It went away in the early 40's because the war helped improved the economy.
The Farm Security Administration started "rural rehabilitation' efforts to improve the lifestyle of sharecroppers, tenants, very poor landowning farmers and a program to purchase land owned by poor farmers and resettle them in group farms with bigger farms. Many people including the Farm Bureau, denied the FSA. The FAA turned into a program to help poor farmers buy land, and that program continues to operate in the 21st century as the Farmers Home Administration.

On July 22, 1937, congress passed the Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act. This law helped people get a credit program to assist tenant farmers to purchase land, and it was f a long effort to secure legislation for their benefit., Congress passed the Farm Security Act in Law. The farm Security Act officially reformed the Resettlement Administration into the Farm Security Administration. The FSA got bigger through funds given by the Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act.
One of the activities performed by the RA and FSA was the buying out of small farms that were not making a lot of money. The government bought the peoples small farms and moved them to bigger farms to where they would learn how to farm better and make more money.
The Dust Bowl in the Great Plains displaced thousands of sharecroppers and laborers tenant farms many of them moved on to California.
The FSA started the tradition to the Society through their pictures during the Great Depression their motto was "not to inform us, but to move us?" Those photographers wanted the government to move and give a hand to the people as they were completely neglected and overlooked.
Farm Security Administration
By:Brooke Robinson

Began in 1937
What "R" Is It?
It was a relief
It helped aid the farmers after the drought
It focused on improving the life of sharecroppers, tenants, poor landowning farmers.
Work Cited

I think it was great that the government came and bought people off the small farms to help them have bigger farms and learn how to farm better.
It was successful to a degree one of the things that was not successful was the white people in the south prevented it from helping the black people.
I think farming today is really different I don't think we would need it as much. We have big farms and big equipment.
Main Accomplishments
The program was not for "the helpless and hopeless," but for those families that had exhausted the means but not the desire for success. It provided loans to those who could not obtain credit elsewhere.
The FSA provided a health care plan for participating farm families and promoted educational and training programs. The agency encouraged proper sanitation and worked with other New Deal agencies such as the National Youth Administration and the Work Projects Administration to provide wells on private farms as well as improved sanitary facilities and mosquito control.
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