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Work-Study Orientation

For students who have been hired for work-study positions

Twila M

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Work-Study Orientation

What you need to know
When do I start?
What will I do?
Will they
work around
my classes?
...but you have questions
When do I
get paid?
you have a work-study job...now what?
So you have a work-study job...
Congratulations, and welcome aboard!

Well that's just the tip of the iceburg!
There are expectations that student workers must meet.
There are
policies and rules to follow
Behave Professionally
Be Dependable
In Your Demeanor
In Your Behavior
For Your
When Something Goes Wrong
For Your Timesheet & Getting Paid
Be Considerate
Be Honest
Represent the college well
If you don't know something, just ASK.
Work when you are supposed to
If you resign, provide notice. Do not just stop showing up.
Dress responsibly

Act responsibly

Be helpful
Exercise Common Courtesy and Respect
Your position is not guaranteed. You must earn it.
Smile and act like you want to work here

Stay busy

Sit up straight, and do not slouch

Always ask how you can help

No horseplay or socializing with friends
Tell them you will catch up with them after you get off work

Clean up after yourself
Keep your desk neat. If you bring your lunch, keep the kitchen clean, and eat on your break.
In Your Appearance
Keep your skin covered.
Only face, neck, arms, hands, and shins should be visible. (no thighs, cleavage, midriffs, etc.)
Wear appropriate under garments, but keep them covered, beneath your clothing.
Remove excess piercings and cover tattoos.
Dress Professionally
Come to work clean, well groomed, and conservatively dressed.
Not Allowed:
Sweats, pajamas, Daisy Dukes, sunglasses, hats (except outside)
What should I wear
What to Wear
Most positions are in offices...
So "
business casual
" or "
smart casual
" styles are most appropriate.
For positions
outside of an office
that do not require a uniform (such as grounds or custodial positions),
may be appropriate.
Check with your supervisor.
Be flexible when creating your class schedule so that you have sufficient time to work.
If you no longer want to work in the position, inform your supervisor. Do not just stop showing up to work.
Do WHAT you are supposed to do
WHEN you are supposed to do it.
Come when you are scheduled to work.
Call when you are not able to make it.
Ask if you can make up missed hours.
Learn as much as you can about the college and your department so that you are giving correct information.
Learn the responsibilities of your position and do your job as you are trained.
Your supervisor will teach you the work that you are expected to perform and how to do it.
Brush up on any skills that are necessary to perform the job.
Ask questions whenever you are uncertain about anything.
Don't be a slacker. Work hard. Do your best.
Check for errors and correct them.
Everyone makes mistakes, but wise people do not repeat them.
When you are taught something new, write down the steps so you can remember how it is done.
You MUST respect the CONFIDENTIALITY of all student information.
Additional Information
You are required to keep student information CONFIDENTIAL unless directed by your supervisor to share it with specific individuals.
Login to myClarkState
Click on the WebAdvisor Tab
Click on
, then
Time Entry & Approval
, then
Time Entry
, then
name of your position
, then
Enter the hours you worked on each day.
Two lines are available in case you leave for lunch or class and return to work during the same day.
You must be enrolled in six or more credit hours:
During the terms that you work.
During the following term if the college is on a break period during which no classes are in session.
You are paid for each hour of work.
You may work up to 18 hours per week when classes are in session at the discretion of your supervisor, based on available funds.
You are not paid for lunch or holidays.
Time sheets must be submitted on WebAdvisor no later than 10 a.m. on the Monday preceding pay day.
The deadline may be moved ahead during holiday weeks.
Paychecks are distributed via direct deposit every two weeks on Friday for the previous two weeks worked.
Accidents happen...
Fix it, correct it, or clean it up.
Learn from your mistakes.
Try not to let it happen again.
If something breaks, fix it.
If you are unable to fix it, ask for help.
If you leave it there for someone else to fix, you will prevent others from doing their work.
Jammed copy machine
Clear the jam or ask for help
spill on the floor
Clean it up or contact the facilities department
Giving incorrect information
Try to contact the person when you learn about the mistake.
It is important to
If you made
a mistake that you
cannot fix yourself, it is important to let your supervisor know so that they can fix it promptly.
Work experience for your resume,
Someone who can be a positive reference for you,
Job skills,
And a pay check!
If you work hard and succeed in this position, you will have a clear path to success!
The sky is the limit!
In Summary...
is a useful resource, especially if you are staffing an office alone. Resources are listed by department and by name. You can also find emergency contact numbers here.

Federal Work-Study students face a limit on the amount of money they may earn based on their financial aid award.
College Work-Study students may face a limit on the amount of money they may earn based on their department's budget.
Your work-study job is more than a pay check...
Click Submit each time you enter your hours.
You may enter your hours after every shift or at the end of each week.
Be aware that time entry deadlines may be moved ahead due to holidays.
Use numbers, capital letters, and no spaces. Example: 8:00AM, 12:00PM
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