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The Invention of the Rotary Washing Machine

By: Claire S.

Claire Smith

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Invention of the Rotary Washing Machine

1890 1850 1860 1870 1880 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Important Events in 1858 Other Important Events in 1858 On April 12th, Michael J. Phelan was the first billiards champion. The Washing Machine In the Beginning Created to clean people's clothing. Hamilton E. Smith Invented the first rotary washing machine. About the Washing Machine Created in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Became famous because it cleans clothes so you don't have to hand wash them.

Over the years- went from hand washing clothing to the hand powered rotary washing machine and now today we have automatic rotary washing machines. TIMELINE Hamilton E. Smith Hamilton Smith was the principle at Mendon Academy.

He died on February 12, 1886.

He died of old age at the age of 73.

The Washing Machine was the only invention that Smith ever made. He is not famous for anything else. The Invention of the Rotary Washing Machine By: Claire
2nd hour Hamilton Smith first invented the rotary washing machine in 1858. The washing machine was created to clean clothes. People all around the world use washing machines. Household item bought at appliance stores near you. First used- January 1, 1858 Born on October 26, 1811. First hand-powered washing machine invented. 1851 1858 Hamilton Smith creates the first rotary washing machine. Clothes wringers were added to washing machines 1861 hand-powered washing machine 1974 First household washing machine. "Washing Machines" started out as scrub boards Son of Elijah Smith and Anna Haog Smith. Married Elizabeth Eggleston first and then after married Sally Roberts. He and Sally had 2 kids, Viola and Arthur Smith. The Early Years The Later Years Canada began using the decimal currency system on January 1st.

Edwin T. Holmes installs the first burglar alarm on February 21st.

On March 9th, Albert Potts patents the street mailbox.

On March 23rd, the street car is patented.

A pencil with an attached eraser is patented by Hyman L. Lipman. John Brown held the antislavery convention on May 8th. On May 11th- Minnesota became the 32nd state of the United States. The great fire in London Harbor was on June 29th. Sources: hubpages.com
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