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F. Scott Fitzgerald

No description

Nicole Hickmott

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F._Scott_Fitzgerald
His full name was Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
Who is Fitzgerald?
Career Breakthrough
Published his first novel "This Side of Paradise" in 1920
Research Proposal
How did Fitzgerald's personal life and struggle with alcoholism influence his writing and ultimately his career downfall?
By: Nicole Hickmott
Period 3 AP English

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Born in St. Paul, Minnesota on September 24, 1896
Source: (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
Attended Princeton University but later dropped out to join the U.S. Army.
Image: www.brainpickings.org
The "Roaring 20's"
The "American Dream"
Who is Zelda?
Image: www.mhpbooks.com
Moved to new York after the war ended to hopefully start a career in advertising
Quit his job and moved back to St. Paul to rewrite his novel
He served as a spokes person for the Jazz Age
The Author's Inspiration
Source: (F(rancis) Scott Fitzgerald)
Fitzgerald instantly gained fame and became labeled as one of the country's most promising young writers.
Source: (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
This novel focused on a theme of love and greed
Fitzgerald's fame quickly changed his reputation and led him to live an extravagant lifestyle
Image: catalog.lambertvillelibrary.org
Focus is placed on individualism and the pursuit of happiness
Fitzgerlad's most famous reference to the American Dream is in his novel "The Great Gatsby"
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Born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1900
Individuals started to consider the possibility that women were independent and could make their own decisions.
Met Fitzgerald at age 18
She was the youngest of six children
Married Fitzgerald a week after he published his first novel
Started to live a new life as a flapper
Fitzgerald's novels
The Side of Paradise
The Beautiful and Damned
examine young characters that reflected Fitzgerald and his friends
Pursued a life long dream of becoming a professional ballerina
Experienced her first mental breakdown in 1930
Diagnosed with Schizophrenia
Source: (Willett)
Image: https://whatthelightteaches.wordpress.com
Career downfall
America's decade of prosperity
He ultimately became forgotten and unread by the time of his death.
His first piece of writing appeared in print at age 13. It was a detective story that was published in his school's newspaper.
Attended St. Paul academy as a child
While serving in the army he met and fell in love with 18-year-old Zelda Sayre
Married Zelda in 1920
Died December 21, 1940 from a heart attack
Individuals were seen as being carefree and living for the moment
Source: ("F(rancis) Scott Fitzgerald.")
During the 1920's Zelda served as Fitzgerald's private literary consultant
Fitzgerald's novels evidenced a growing awareness of the shallowness and brutal sensitivity in America's society.
Source: ("F(rancis) Scott Fitzgerald.")
In the decade before his death Fitzgerald's marital problems and negative effects of alcoholism led him on a downward spiral.
Both the quality of his work and the amount of his writing became limited.
His final novel,
Tender is the Night
, was criticized by readers as being confusing and unfocused.
"The Great Gatsby"
Zelda was seen as the inspiration for several of the characters in his novels. "Scott frequently quoted her and her letters directly, using her words as the voice for several of his female characters."
Zelda was also seen as the inspiration for Daisy Buchanan in "The Great Gatsby"
The quotation in the first chapter, "I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." was a reference to Zelda's reaction to the birth of her own daughter.
Daisy's role in the novel is related to that of Zelda's life
Daisy's betrayal to Gatsby is also related to Zelda and Fitzgerald's marital problems.
Image: http://archive.constantcontact.com
"F. Scott Fitzgerald's life is a tragic example of both sides of the American Dream - the joys of young love, wealth and success, and the tragedies associated with excess and failure."
The Fitzgerald's lived a life of fame and fortune which was reflected in his novels.
"Tender is the Night"
The lavish lifestyle portrayed in "The Great Gatsby" also reflects the life Fitzgerald was living after he published his first novel.
Most of Fitzgerald's novels were a reflection of his own life. He was inspired by the relationships he had with his friends and wife.
"The Fitzgeralds enjoyed fame and fortune, and his novels reflected their lifestyle..."
The novel reflects Zelda's battle with schizophrenia and her mental breakdowns.
This novel focuses on the main character, Nicole, whom was based off of Fitzgerald's wife Zelda.
At the time of writing this novel Fitzgerald admitted he was, "hopelessly in debt, unable to write, nearly estranged from his wife and daughter, and incapacitated by excessive drinking and poor physical health."
Source: (F. Scott Fitzgerald and the American Dream)
Source: (F. Scott Fitzgerald and the American Dream)
Source: (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
"You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald
Source: (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
Image: www.chicvintagebrides.com
Throughout Fitzgerald's successes and failures he turned to alcohol as his companion.
Eventually alcohol began to take over his life.
He claimed that alcohol helped him to think of things to write and so he continued to use it.
His drinking of alcohol eventually drove him into debt and left him prone to illness and other diseases.
By age 44 his health began to rapidly fall and he died from a heart attack.
Source: ("F. Scott Fitzgerald")
Gave birth to a baby girl named Frances
His wife became jealous of his fame and eventually collapsed into madness.
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