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Sexism in the Media

No description

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of Sexism in the Media

Social norms
= expectations and behaviors that are taught by our culture and media as acceptable in society
= the way social norms are communicated to a target audience
= culturally taught behaviors and labels that are "expected" of men and women
= prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination based on gender
= equality between men and women
Intersectional Feminism
= The view that women experience oppression in varying configurations and in varying degrees of intensity
Terms & Definitions
We got this!
What Should We Do?
It's everywhere
Female Representation in the Media
By: Heather and Challen Gutekunst
Where are women represented?
Be critical of the media you consume!

Is there a woman as a protagonist?
What stereotypes do the characters portray?
What do these women look like?
Is their voice being heard?
Are there any women who aren't white as the main character?

Let's Review
What can we do?

Feel free to ask any questions.

We hope you will join us in the fight for Social Justice.

Thank you!
For More Information:
Who runs our media?
Advertising frequently includes targeting girl's insecurities
This may make us feel bad about our bodies, appearance, or weight.
We buy their products to make ourselves look a certain way
They make money by cashing in on sexist stereotypes
the Reality TV you watch:
Reality TV supports sexist stereotypes and is harmful to women!

read teen or fashion magazines those belong in the trash!
Watch movies and shows that are written or directed by women.

Celebrate your accomplishments and your education!

Spread the message of equality and equal representation for women and all races in the media!
Are there any women who aren't white as the main character?
These are the women to look up to!
Only 5% of actors (both male and female) in Hollywood are Hispanic!
Hispanic women over the age of 25 are the most frequent moviegoers.
Symbol of Feminism
Meet Malala
Here's some good news:
Male to female ratio of college students in America = 40 to 60

France just passed a bill saying that female models have to obtain a doctor's note and cannot be super skinny. Magazines are also required to state whether or not the image of the model is photoshopped.

Currently female CEO's are getting promoted faster than men.
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