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ECVAN development history

No description

Hans-Peter Hemmer

on 1 November 2017

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Transcript of ECVAN development history

Foundation "Friends of electro mobility Bobingen (Febo) eV"
to promote the resources and skills for the production of efficient
E-vehicles and their systems at the site and in the region
and to promote the application of electron mobility in public space
(Market development)
May 2009
January 2009
Sharing Concept Development
for vehicles U3C series "Beauty City" and
for the planning of the parent plant Lisbet eG system for the production U3C
December 2008
March 2008
Recording concrete talks with the Wolfsburg and Volkswagen AG on Cooperation in the realization of efficient electrical U3C vans with a novel
Lightweight materials, structural designs and manufacturing processes
Early 2008
Conception of the "ultra-light clean city car"
project as a redefinition of a powerful electric van application of product and process innovations of the parties.
Formation of the alliance U3C technology, incorporating the expertise Tobias Hoffritz CAS, Teijin, Johns Manville, vonRoll, ABB, Holzer, Industrial Origami, d3dhemmer/astremo, Schmuhl, Kirstein Systems, Mondragon group and other
Demolition of technology cooperation in 2007
InnoVan project due to relocation of the Project by the group
after DuraCar Heerlen (NL) and its reorientation as a brand
Construction of the Light & Battery-Electric Sustainable Transportation "
(Lisbet) system as a technology alliance cooperation to realize the InnoVan
Small batch production at the site IWB Bobingen, planned as a stabilizer for
The innovative lightweight design of battery-electric vehicles.
InoVan acquisition of the project
(property rights and manufacturing equipment) from
N. Chamberlain (ITS AG) by Dutch DuraCar "
Investors Group, and coordinates brought about by nutritional G. Nähr
2002 to 2005
RTM realize
one-shot research "VW Golf lightweight hood (fiberglass)
and VW Touareg door light " (Carbon)
Development of techniques for the production of lightweight automotive components
(RTM one-shot process) in small series, together with volume
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Schnellecke group
2000 to 2002
Demolition of the cooperation with U.S. investor Neville Chamberlain
... Reorganization of light-vehicle activities by founding the company
"Light Vehicle Systems GmbH & Co. KG" by G. Nutritional ...
Cooperation with the French technology partner "Nogaro Technologies" (C. Fior)
and planning "Diabline 2" light trucks program, characterized by a minimalist
(Base Transporter-) concept and a novel structure design
Liquidation of TRAPOS / InnoVan Auffanggesellschaft UQM Europe GmbH
and the Adoption of Project by U.S. investor Neville Chamberlain.
Foundation of the ITS AG (Innovative Transportation Systems)
Trapos bankruptcy ...
Development approach to arresting InnoVan technologies by G. nutrients under Participation of American investors, in particular, Lee Iacocca
(former CEO of Chrysler), Bob Stamp (former CEO of General Motors)
and Neville Chamberlain (International Acquisition Services
... Founding of the TRAPOS Auffanggesellschaft
"Unique Mobility Europe GmbH" (UQM) at the site Mittweida
Release InnoVan design concept
Concept Engineering
Release prototype development
Pilot City-Mobile service Recklinghausen
Conception "InnoVan" Greater transporter in 2-Box design
Cooperative agreements with technology partners Schmuhl
Building InnoVan marketing cooperation with VW
and distribution partners TECHNO-SHOPPING GmbH
Presentation Saxi
Carrier transport concept at the opening of the new Leipziger Messe
Market studies by DGM (German banking group) to Identification and
evaluation of the zero-emission niche markets for commercial used vans
release of the concept development and planning for the innovative
Lightweight electric vans' InnoVan "and its
Series production of small volume (2,000 Einh. / year)
Founded transportation systems technology Aktiengesellschaft
"AG TRAPOS" as a start-up Society for the development and
manufacture of light electric vans for Short-dominated commercial
goods and passenger transportation
Manufacturing Saxi demonstration vehicle with a self-fiber composite
Bodywork (fiberglass / epoxy) in association with
Horlacher AG and Schmuhl Composite Technology
Conception "Saxi" Transporter base for the innovative zero-emission mobility in metropolitan areas
Investigation and decision-lightweight technology concept in cooperation with Fraunhofer
Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK), Berlin and
the University of Automobile Design, Pforzheim
Initiating cooperation with Schmuhl Composite Technology (FVT Schmuhl)
Project initiated by Gerhard Nähr nutritional and Mittweida
as a redevelopment concept for the "Barkas Werke"
by re-Frankenberg Barkas B 1000 of the VAN-Program
copyright Hoffritz/Hemmer
Confirmation of U3C collaborative partners to host Planning for "Project Location Bobingen "with a co-operative institutions (headquarters) Lisbet system eG. Determination of U3C project management.
Confirmation of the cooperative association to participate in Bavaria Structure of sales and production organization for vehicles of the brand U3C
1975 VW EA489 Basic Transporter
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