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American Imperialism

No description

Joseph Wood

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of American Imperialism

"To open the world,
all you need to do is open Panama"
Destination: China
"Building an empire"
What are the advantages of Imperialism?
Should the United States become an Imperial Power?
"Speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far."
President Roosevelt
Big Stick Diplomacy
"America must use international police power to preserve peace and order and protect American Interests."
What Happened:
The U.S. Military backed an uprising of Panamanian rebels against the Venezuelan government.
Panama let the US stay to build the canal.
It took 51 miles, 10 years, and 40,000 workers
The Canal greatly improved trade.
Destination: Hawaii
"The crossroads of
the Pacific"
In 1893,
Queen Liluokaiani
attempted to restore voting rights
to Hawaiian citizens and strip it from America land owners.
The American then led a coup d'etat, back by the U.S.
In the 1820's Hawaii was a stop for ships crossing the Pacific Ocean.
American's stayed in Hawaii to grow sugar and fruits like
What Happened:
To restore native Hawaiian's power, The Queen took away voting rights of Americans living in Hawaii so...
The Americans asked the U.S. to support their overthrow of the Queen.
The U.S. agreed in a effort to protect Hawaiian sugar trade.
The Americans then asked Congress to Annex Hawaii.
1. Economic
2. Political
4. Cultural
The Unlimited Frontier

What Happened:
In the 1890s China was huge, but not stable.
The European powers divided China up amongst themselves in "Spheres of Influence".
United States proposes an "Open Door Policy" to allow everyone to trade freely with China.
Although Europe is not thrilled with this plan, they didn't want to go to war over it.
"Small states are of the past and have no future. .... The great nations are rapidly absorbing for their future expansion and their present defense all the waste places of earth. It is a movement which makes for civilization and advancement of the race."
-Henry Cabot Lodge, 1895
Manifest Destiny "From sea to shining sea"
America Grapples with Cuba
Destination: Cuba
What Happened:
Cubans were fighting for independence from Spain.
The sinking of the USS Maine galvanized support for war.
The "Splendid little War" was over in 4 months.
The United States Won and gained the Philippians from Spain as a result.
American Newspapers use Yellow Journalism to tell the story of Spanish rule in Cuba.
"Remember the Maine"
The explosion is blamed on Spain.

America declared war on Spain within weeks.
The "Splendid Little War" was over in
4 months.
Treaty of Paris
was signed between Spain and the United States.
1. Cuba is independent.
2. U.S. gets Guam and Puerto Rico.
3. Spain sells the Philippians to US for $20 million.
America is now an Empire
Now that we are an Imperial Power, what should we do?
Controlling smaller countries expands trade opportunities throughout the world.
The idea that we should spread our way of life throughout the world.
There is power in strength, and one way to show strength is by controlling smaller nations.
3. Military
Colonies can act as a "buffer" during a war.
As part of the Treaty of Paris, America bought
The Philippine Islands
from Spain.
The Philippians became a heated debate in America.

Should we annex the Philippians?
Building the Panama Canal
The USS Maine
Hawaii combination of sugar trade and being a perfect location for a military base during the Spanish American War led America to annex.
In 1887, Hawaii gives
people voting rights based on Property ownership and not citizenship.
Chinese trade increased demand for American goods.
is when one nation has authority and control over a smaller nation.
Era 6: The Age of Imperialism
I can Analyze America’s expanding global influence and change in foreign policy.
Learning Goal:
Essential Questions of

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