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Day Spa Business Plan

No description

Carli Hammer

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Day Spa Business Plan

Stephanie Edwards
Carli Hammer
Marie Elise McGonigle
Sarah Morgan
Sam Schwartz
Day Spa Business Plan Executive Summary Description of the Business Day Spa
Leased to third party
Available to students, community and special events
Services:massages, waxing, haircut and style, manicure, pedicure, acrylic and shellac, make-up and facials.
Day Spa located at Elston Inn
Demand for service on and off campus
Growing Industry
Lease based model
Financial benefit for Sweet Briar College Considered a nail salon
Industry statistics
Statistics indicate industry growth
1.5 billion average annual growth
Year 1: Revenue $20,130.00
Profit for owner $13,620.00
Year 2: Revenue $21,137.00
Profit for owner $14,447.00
Year 3: Revenue $22,193.00
Profit for owner $15,318.00
Convenient location
Enriches campus life
Quality services vs. average range of services
Increase Sweet Briar appeal
Opportunity to bring business to campus/Inn Attractive business for campus and third party
Implement as soon as possible
Secure interested third party
Surveys suggest positive results
Majority uses spa services more than once per month
Survey quotable's
Bridging the gap Renovation costs $2,115.00
Ongoing monthly costs $542.50
Additional annual insurance $250.00
Full lease vs. percentage of revenue
Outside management team
Promotional gift cards
Industry Analysis Market and Competitive Analysis Marketing Plan and Analysis Operations plan Cost Assumptions Financial Projections Summary and Recommendations
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