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Genetic Engineering of plants

For inquiy

Prairie-Trail AELP

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Genetic Engineering of plants

Genetic Engineering
Of Plants All you need to know! How does genetic engineering of plants help make food for the world? By Dash Goldston How does genetic engeering effect how crops live? By Camrin Vesely How and Why What you can do with genetic engineered plants? How people help feed the world Genetic engineering of plants is the process of taking DNA from one plant and combining it with another DNA from another plant. Other Info Process of Genetic Engineering Plants How do people genetic engineer plants?
By Nathan Bielecki The first step is to get two different types of DNAs Multiple tools can be used to genetic engineer plant. Corn, soybean, cotton, and sugar are usually genetic engineered plants. Sugar is the plant that is most likely to be genetic engineered. About 95% of our sugar is genetically engineered. The improvement of Genetic Engineering of plants has gone on for years and they have many ways of doing it.

Plants are living organisms. All living organisms have DNA. Scientists can use plants to test diseases, vaccines, and many other things.
Plants are like big factories. Scientist can study humans or animals health.
By finding genes that have certain strengths, scientists can build on these genes.
There is a omega-3 soybean that is healthy for the human heart. Scientists added this gene to soybean plants so farmers can grow more of it. Introduction Scientist are trying to help plants be able to protect themselves from bugs, diseases, and cilmate change. Pioneer makes seed hybrids and they also make seeds that have biotech traits. We need technology to help make medicine and agriculture better.
In 2050, there will be 9 billion people on Earth. They will all want food to eat. There are many companies that are trying to feed the world by using science, technolgy and other tools. Genetic engineering of plants, animals is one of the greatest plants and the changengs in the 21 century. Then, you have two find different traits that the plants have. Next combine the two types of DNAs together into a plant Next, you get your crop and plant it into the ground. It needs the nutrients from the soil and lots of light. Finaly, you have to wait patiently for your plant to grow. It might take a while do to the two DNAs If the plant becomes invasive, take it away imediatly. It can hurt other plants around it. A alarming rate creations being planted releshed into the environmet. 85% U.S. corn genetically engineering 91% soybeans 88% cotton 95% sugar. Being able to take genetic material one of the organisms and the human growth genes like tomatoes and plants http://www.farmland.org/Flash/appleEarth.html http://aelp1.edu.glogster.com/edit/genetic-engineering-plants/ Thanks For Watching by Nathan, Dash, And Camrin
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