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Recess as Quality Movement Time

This presentation highlights the key points of our course text, Chapter 12: Recess as Quality Movement Time

Tiffany Rouse

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Recess as Quality Movement Time

Tiffany C. Rouse Recess as Quality Movement Time Kids Advocating for Kids The purpose and structure of recess is very different from physical education. Physical education is a part of the school curriculum that teaches students about movement and being active. Recess allows the child to have free choice of physical activity. Physical Education vs. Recess The Argument Around Recess It is important for teachers and other school personnel to monitor student behavior during recess. We are responsible. Several factors affect children play behavior: gender, age, race, disability, and socioeconomic status. Recess Behavior Safety FIRST!
-establish rules of conduct
-safe equipment
-safe and secure play area
-appropriate teacher-child ratios Recess: Fun For ALL!!!! The End!!! In favor of Against -develops movement skills
-leads to healthier children
-provides mental break for children -boosts academic achievement through peer interaction -contributes to social and moral development

-improves learning -stimulates cognitive functioning -takes away from instructional time -encourages aggressive behavior Relational

excluding peers Overt

causing harm to others Instrumental

when overt behaviors occur for the purpose of obtaining

Aggressive Behaviors -provide traditional and innovative equipment.

-include quality games and activities for everyone.
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