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Caffeine Drug Stuff

Caffeine addiction... Can we drink it?

Lilly Pratt

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Caffeine Drug Stuff

Treatment/Rehab Options Caffine is a powerful stimulant and one of the most, if not THE most widely used drug in America. Since it's naturally occurring, we don't have many laws regulating its use. It's ingested in food, drink, and pill form, usually to make people feel less asleep.

Street names for caffeine include:
C-pills, yellow jackets, The Caf, Bathroom Express, Piss Maker, Harry the C, Java, Joe, Black Gold, Eye Opener, Cup of Mud, and Get up and Go. What kind of drug is caffeine? Some of the short term effects include:
1) increased energy
2)light insomnia
3)headaches Short Term Effects Long Term Effects Some of the long term effects include
1) severe insomnia
2) high blood pressure
3) depression
4)nausea and vomiting
5) death from overdose(10 grams, the
equivalent of 80-100 cups of coffee) Costs to Society and Penalties There are no major costs to society seeing as death from caffeine is incredibly rare, and society doesn't consider it a drug. There aren't many rehabilitation centers or clinics specifically for caffeine addiction because it's still widely regarded as harmless. However, if you were addicted to caffeine, you would go to a general treatment center to be treated, and it would work just as well. Other options are quitting cold turkey and having a person check on your progress every once in awhile. By Charlie and Mathia Caffeine Addiction and You! Coffee Signs of Use Signs of caffeine use in adults includes; Accelerated heartbeat, Confusion, Sleep Issues, Dizziness, Fever, Flushed face, increased urination, headaches, irritability, Jitteriness, Muscle spasms, Breathings problems, and Nausea.

Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms are Quite similar, and include; Chills/Hot spells, Decreased alertness, Depressed mood, Difficulty thinking or concentrating, Sleep Issues, Digestive Issues, Irritability, Headaches, Sinus Issues, Muscle Stiffness, and general Fatigue. Many people love to grab a cup a' joe on their way to work, a morning pick-me-up to get you through the day. But there's a dark side to caffeine no one wants to notice. How do you use caffeine? Caffeine is most commonly found in things like coffee, sodas and teas. However, there are also caffeine pills, often used as a pick-me up. There are also multiple other ways to caffeinate things such as popcorn. Caffeine pills are sometimes ground up and either snorted or injected for a quicker thrill.
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