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Capstone project

Graduation requirement Who i am and how far I've come

whitney williams

on 23 February 2012

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Transcript of Capstone project

Luz-tzu A journey of a thousand miles begins with only a step Even as a young girl I yarned for adventure and to take the best out of life. As my first major educational accomplishment I graduated from my 5th grade class at Stevenson elementary school. It is here that I met my educational challenges and succeed to the next level. By the age of ten I was ready to move on to junior high with goals and ideas for the future. Let me introduce myself...Hey there folks I'm Whitney Williams born in the month of August the 28th in the year 1992. This is me at the age of five in kindergarten at Nataki Talibah. It is here that I first encountered a full day of school with no nap. Still living a life of dependencies of my family and love ones. It is now that I begin my life of many beginnings striving for independence and excellence. Gaining knowledge of different cultural groups by way of culturally diverse dance, partaking in ethnic foods. While learning the different language to use in and out of the school setting. This was my first real experience utilizing advance technology in my computer class. It is here I discovered how to connect with students in other countries. (Pin Pals)
Our classroom setting reflected different African tribes my class was the Wolof tribe Check me out Now I'm a dual enrollment student attending Oakland Early College. Taking classes here on a college campus surrounded by a spectacular environment. I am challenged daily by my highschool instructors and college professors. Who would have thought that in my time such a great opportunity would be afforded to a young African American female like me? I happen to be very fortunate, unlike many of my peers in the urban areas who long for such opportunity as this. This program has challenge to be physically fit, mentally sound and academically advanced. The road has not been easy for me; I had to get extra assistance by way of tutoring just to make it. Now I can enjoy the benefits of graduating with college credits and or my associates. This will put me a step ahead of my peers in furthering my education in a university of my choice. As for my plans for the future and where I'm aiming to go I'm aiming for the medical field Radiology Tech. Planning to become a Bakers College graduate of Clinton Township. So my goal for about five years from now would be working at a local hospital doing X-rays and Ultra sounds. My Current standing; I have made many accomplishments academically as well as personal. Being a graduate of an early college program alone is one of my many accomplishments. Next, holding my first real form of employment at JC Penney’s which prepared me to utilize my math skills as a cashier. Social skills used by communicating through speaking politely and listening intensely to the need of community customers. Enjoyed working with the public while providing service with a smile. Another accomplishment I've made is being apart of different organizations i.e.: Disney for change (Go Green) and secretary for my church youth group. Former groups I've been a part of i.e.: Relay for life in Southfield (walking to support those whose lives are devastated by cancer). Lathrup's Lovely ladies (A group of confident intelligent, and empowered young women who come together to discuss the issues that matter the most i.e.; friendships, dating, hair and makeup, self respect proper etiquette, careers and more.) I stay active in sports to enhance my physical well being and mental health. Still I have unfinished business because there's more worthy organizations to be a part of and more challenges to face in life." I will succeed." Socially I've grown into a much more mature adult when it comes to decision making now more than ever. Specifically this high schools early college program caused me to mentally prepare myself for educational challenges as well as life challenges in general. These specific changes has broadened my horizons on life and molded me into who I am today. The many challenges that I have endured have made me respectful of diversity and grow in unity. Though sometimes feeling fragile I learn new knowledge about myself and others through reading, research and classroom discussions. These real life situations have broadened my concept in human affairs.
So who am I today?
Today, I am a woman with set goals and a path. I've already met the path that diverges and determined which direction. Currently I'm on the road that destiny has determined for me religiously and academically. This direction enables me to fulfill my dreams while living life to the fullest. I will become the person that many will depend on to enrich and enlighten their lives. I chose this song because it best reflects my life and journey. This video depicts how my outcome on my life has yet to be discovered. Lathrup Lovely Ladies "Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius power, and magic in it" My Life is a book with pages still unwritten http://portfolio.oaklandearlycollege.org/main/show_category/1142 My online portfolio
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