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Emmett Till and Walter Lett

No description

Emma Bimson

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Emmett Till and Walter Lett

Walter Lett a.k.a Walter Brown
Walter Lett was an African American man who was accused of raping a white woman named Naomi Lowery.
Emmett Till
14 year old, colored boy.
Reported after flirting with a white women at a store in Money, Mississippi.
Kidnapped, beaten and killed by the women's husband and brother.
What Happened
Went to the store with 2 of his friends. He told them that he had a white girlfriend back home.
Disbelieving him, they dared him to as the white woman behind the counter on a date.
He was later heard saying "Bye, baby!" when leaving the store.
What was Reported
Letts Trial
Lett had his trial and he was found guilty. He was sentenced to death on May 11th, 1934.
Emmett Till and Walter Lett

This all happened on November 9th, 1933 but it wasn't reported until Friday and he wasn't aken in until that Saturday, November 11th.
This happened in Monroeville, Alabama. Which we all know is an incredibly racist state.
However, Walter was never held in Monroeville. He was taken to Greensville for "Safe Keepings"
His execution was supposed to be held at 9 in the court room, but was never held through.
After his trial:
Since his trial didn't happen, people in Monroeville started writing letters of his innocence.
Got transmitted from the State prison to the hosital after coming in contact with tuberculosis. He later dies from it in prison in 1937
Tho she had no witnesses, she reported that Till grabbed her, made lewd advances, and then wolf-whistled at her as he "sauntered" out.
Roy Bryant, her husband and the store owner, returned from a business trip a few days later and heard the news from his wife.
Outraged from the news, he went the Till's uncles house, Mose Wright, with his brother-in-law and demanded to see him, although his uncle disagreed.
The Violence
Once they kidnapped Emmett Till on that August morning, they were believed to have beaten him behind the Milam's residence, (the women's brother), then drove down to the Tallahatine River in the evening.
Once they drove down to the river, they forced Till to carry a 75 lb. cotton-gin fan along the river bank, ordered him to remove his clothing, beat him nearly to death, gauged out his eyes, shot him in the head and then threw him into the rived tied to the cotton-gin with barbed wire.
After Till was Found
They found his body 3 days later and was only identified by a ring with his initials on it.
Less then 2 weeks after his open casket, on September 23, Milam and Bryant went on trial at segregted courthouse with an all-white jury in Summer, Mississippi.
There were few witnesses besides Mose who could identify them as the murderers.
The jury debated for an hour before deciding they weren't guilty.
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