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Commenalism by Day

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Commenalism by Day

An association between two organisms in which one derives neither benefit or harm, and the other benefits.

The mouse and frog. The mouse gets a free ride, but the frog gets nothing.

The spider and deer. The spider gets a moving home
The horse and birds. The birds get a ride.
The tree and squirrel. The squirrel lives in the tree.

Commenalism is often mistaken for parasitism.

Commenalism happens mostly at the ocean
Interesting Fact
I see him every where, making things work.
Where do I see God?
The shark and the fish. The fish get protection.
The barnacle and whale. The barnacle gets a place to stay
The deer and bird. The deer gets a haircut.
The zebra and bird. The bird gets a ride.
The frog and flower. The frog gets a place to stay.
The deer and bird. The bird gets protection.
Commenalism pintrest
I hope you enjoyed!
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