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Chapter 9

Carolyn Elbert

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Tourism

Chapter 10
The practice of traveling for recreation
The activities of a persons traveling and staying in places outside their usual environment
How do you define Tourism?
Enjoy Illinois, Mile after Magnificent Mile
Let the ride take you...
Local Tourism
How do you travel....mode of transportation
The most popular form of transportation in the United States
Typical American drives over 20,000 miles per year
Rental car industry is highly competitive
Rental car industry supports business and leisure travelers
Economical alternative to air travel
Provides an opportunity to see the countryside
Alternative to driving in traffic during peak times
Promotes growth of food and lodging options near depots
Coach & Tour Bus
Opened up travel to the middle class
Expanded as railways grew across the United States
Most popular in the United States from 1830's to 1920's
Still popular in Europe and Japan
A resort on water
Includes all aspects of a hotel plus additional services
Three primary markets
Cruise Ships
Allows travelers to get around the globe more quickly
Reasonable airfares allow more people to travel
Hub and Spoke System
Can you be a tourist in your own town?
State Tourism
Why do people travel?
Business and/or Pleasure
80% of all domestic travel is done for pleasure

Half of pleasure travel is to visit family & friends

Expected to increase in the coming years...

What factors are propelling the growth of pleasure travel?
Business Travel
The Bread & Butter of the Hospitality Industry
Has declined in recent years because of:
Increased Costs
Economic Climate
Incidences of Terrorism

Spend More Money
Travel Further Smaller Groups
Shorter Trips
Meeting/Conventions alone attract millions annually
General Characteristics of a Business Traveler
Impact of Tourism
Tourism accounts for over 7 millions jobs in the U.S
Promoters of Tourism....
National, State &Local Tourism Campaigns
Multiplier Effect
National Tourism
There's Nothing Like Australia
It's more fun in the Philippines
Who is the target market?
Whatever you want from your getaway, Iowa fills in the blanks
Pure Michigan
Lake County Illinois
Las Vegas
What happens here, stays here
VISIT Milwaukee
Plains, Trains and Automobiles
Where is my automobile? automobile?
Future of Tourism
Tourism with a conscience... Ecotourism
Responsible and Sustainable Travel
Cultural: events, festivals or activities
Heritage: historic preservation
Nature: national parks
Trends in Tourism/Travel
Increased number of tourists

Increased technology:
Ticketless Travel: Airlines/Hotels

Increased concern for health & safety
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