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The Comanche by Skye, Jack and Finley

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of The Comanche by Skye, Jack and Finley

Where was the Comanche territory?
The Comanches are nomadic, which means they move around a lot. In the 1600's, the Comanche territory was part of Wyoming. In 1705, their territory was about sixth of Colorado, and a portion of Kansas. In the 1800's, their territory was a big part of Kansas, half of Oklahoma, a small part of New Mexico, and a whole lot of Texas.
The Comanche Tribe
What Kind of Government do the Comanches Have?
Who are We Similar to?
The Comanches are similar to the Jumano tribe because they are nomadic like the Comanches.
Cool Facts About Us!
The Comanches use their own made up symbols to tell story's. An example is that they wrote U's with dash marks in them and some of them have accent marks over them. We are also the most fearsome tribe of all. And probably the most feared.
How did the Comanches get their food?
The women gather plants and other food in the forest, while the men hunted for Buffalo. The women play a big role in their survival, because they gathered more food than the men.
What did the Comanches
Live in?
The Comanches live in teepees. The women keep them clean and neat for their family.
The Comanches are non-unified tribes and they lack normal organization. They have different sub- tribes.
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