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Benefits of a good Citizen to Society and the Public Services

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James Simpkin

on 25 September 2018

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Transcript of Benefits of a good Citizen to Society and the Public Services

Benefits of a Good Citizen to Society and the Public Services
Retained Fire Fighters
Volunteers in the community, adding value to society
Volunteers challenging injustice and standing up for fairness
in order to make a better society
Voluntary Public Service 1: Special Constables
Not paid.
At least 16 hours duty a month.
Same powers, equipment, uniform as regular PCs.
15,000 in the UK

Part-time soldiers.
Bring skills into the Army from their day jobs
35,000 in the Reserves, 25% of the Army’s force.
3 hours training a week, 1 weekend a month, and 2 weeks a year.

Teach 1st aid
Provide 1st aid at events
Community First Responders: Specially trained volunteers on call to respond to emergencies if they are closer than an ambulance
Carry first aid kits, a defibrillator, oxygen...

Why are volunteers in the public services important?
Save money
Bring in skills
Show community spirit
volunteer firefighters
9 per hour on call out.
Live + work within 5 minutes car journey distance of their fire station.
On call 120 hours a week by pager.

How can volunteers protect the environment?
They provide a sense of community to an area and a sense of pride in the surroundings.
Standing up for those who have difficulty speaking for themselves.
Supports fairness and equality and encourages others to do the same.
In Today's lesson
Voluntary public services
Why being a good citizen makes a good public servant
Community activities
Lesson summary
There are many voluntary PS.
They help the paid PS do their jobs.
Volunteering helps society and shows a good attitude for the PS.
Equality and Equity
Equality: Giving everyone an equal chance from an equal starting point.

Equity: Giving people a 'leg up' so they can participate in society alongside everyone else.

Social Justice: Making sure that everyone can take part in the good things society has to offer. Public services do this by treating everyone equally and providing services free of payment.
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