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Ana Andrea Paty Sara

No description

Sara Martinez

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Ana Andrea Paty Sara

Sara, Andrea, Ana, Paty The Woman Warrior By: Maxine Hong Kingston An exellent feature of the book was the inspiration it exhibited Using Kingston's family's examples of making a difference for women shows how everyone is equal, and can be a good inspiration to those who feel subordinate to others Historiacal/Biographical In older days of China, women had low status in society.
They were restricted from many positions and they had very little rights, were most things they did they were told to do.
"Women in old China did not choose" (p.15)
"All the married women blunt-cut their hair in flaps or puled it back in tight buns" (p.27)
Around the same time period, there were many Chineseimmigrants who migrated to America (U.S)"Then he left for America" (p.20) Animoto: Plot and Setting http://animoto.com/play/KZtzP19dfW4koIo0XtESAg Setting: China and America, during the 1940s X-ray of foot bimding effects The shoes Plot: In "The Woman Warrior", Kingston's mom tells her stories. In the first chapter, she told the story of her "no name aunt" who killed herself and her baby in their well after being raided for having a baby out of marriage. In the second chapter, "White Tigers", Kingston tells the tale of Fa Mulan, who trains in a mountain and leads an army of men. In "Shaman", the third chapter, Kingston's mother Brave Orchid tells her memior of going to school and becoming a doctor, which traumatizes Kingston for years. In the forth chapter, Brave Orchid tells the story of her sister, Moon Orchid, whose husband leaves her to head for America. The last chapter is the biography of Kingston herself during her youth.
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