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State of the City

Thrive: 2013 and Beyond

Woodbury Minnesota

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of State of the City

2013 and Beyond
State of the City
Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens
A leading community in which
to live, work and thrive
Nationally recognized
"Top 100 Best Places to Live in U.S."
Money Magazine
Ranked 11th in 2012, 13th in 2010
"Best Places to Raise your Kids"
Business Week, 2009
Ranked 1st in Minnesota
"Top 25 Best Places to Move"
Ranked 21st in U.S.
"Hottest Place to Live
in the Central United States"
Money Magazine, 2004
Critical Success
City Services
Business Climate
Quality of Life
Business Climate
Recognizing that economic vitality is the foundation of community progress and livability.
"Best Places to Work"
ICC Restoration and Cleaning Services
Wenck Associates
"Fast 50"
Logistics Planning Services
HealthEast Care System
Business Outreach
Strengthen business relationships
Promote investment and job growth
Revitalized program
Increased flexibility
Streamlined process
Maintain standards
Continuous Improvement
Updated codes and policies
More intuitive
Increased flexibility
Small multi-tenant uses now permitted
Lengthened CUP expiration
Increased ancillary retail from 20%-30%
Added uses where appropriate
Partner with
10th largest city; committed to strong region
One of the first cities to sign regional development initiative
Clear, consistent vision and economic development strategy
Experienced and responsive leadership
Partners in economic development
Working with Greater MSP and the businesses, brokerage and development community to streamline process and expand site selection tools
Quality of Life
Maintains high quality of living environment
Attractive neighborhoods with variety of different housing

Open spaces allowing for active and passive public use

Convenient access to private sector goods and services
All stages of life
Connected with city's parks and trails system
Health care
Year-round leisure and recreational services
Woodbury HealthCore
Continued focus on job growth
Marketing Woodbury as a medical destination
Over 160 medical businesses
Woodwinds Health Campus
Many others
Phase 2
Now Open!
First development application is in review and approval
Pioneer Drive will be extended concurrent with development
Top 10 Project Features
Permanent building to replace dome
Larger field area for multi-use
Two-story link
Enhanced food service
Sustainable design features
Parks substation
Upgraded architectural standards
Outdoor refrigerated pleasure rink
Self-sustaining enterprise operation
Urban Village
Bielenberg Gardens
Unique commercial property across from Bielenberg Sports Center and East Ridge High School
Master plan approved by city
Grocery-anchored, convenience retail available
approximately 140,000 square feet of commercial development
Upcoming Projects
County Road 19
Radio Drive
Stop light at Bailey and Woodlane
Road Rehabilitation projects
Flashing Yellow Arrows
Vital link connecting suburbs/rural areas to the Twin Cities
Alternatives analysis completed this fall
Bus Rapid Transit along Hudson Road is preferred
Support from Woodbury and St. Paul Chambers
Commercial Development Activity
Unemployment Trends
Where are the Jobs?
2013 Budget Highlights
2013 and Beyond
Thank you for attending!
2013 and Beyond
Improving Business Climate
and Quality of Life
2013 and Beyond
Looking Forward
Bielenberg Sports Center Expansion
2013 and Beyond
Looking Forward
Planning work complete
Successfully positioned for the improving economy
Housing Starts
Zoning Ordinance
Subdivision Ordinance
Policies and Procedures
Inventory is low...
...Demand is high
Commercial vacancy are down, due to reinvestment and new businesses
Low residential lot inventory; worked through distressed properties
People want to live here: good schools, parks , quality of life, etc.
Businesses want to be here: good demographics and strategic location
2013 and Beyond
Business Outlook
Looking Forward
#1 in Job Growth
Commercial Reinvestment
2013 and Beyond
Looking Forward
2013 and Beyond
2013 Budget Highlights
Looking Forward
Special Thanks To:
Involved Citizens
Community Partners
Advisory Commissions
Community Partners
Other units of government
Chamber of Commerce
Greater MSP
Gateway Corridor Commission
Service organizations
Woodbury Community Foundation
Faith community
Woodbury is what it is because our citizens are who they are.
Metro Region Tax Rates
No proposed changes to:
Sanitary Sewer
Street Lighting
Note: Values are rounded to the nearest dollar.
2013 Tax Impacts on Average Value Home
Local Business Honors
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